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Did anyone see House, MD last night? Normally I really like the show, but recently it's gotten on my nerves. Last night, after the patient soiled himself, the doc looked over at the other one and... Read More

  1. by   sandiixx
    I LOVE House and i find it very tongue in cheek and funny I NEVER miss an episode and I would marry that arrogant pain in the butt doctor any day I think we need to take it for what it is, just entertainment. Anyway i like the way they work out what disease is causing the complaint
  2. by   peacemover
    I loved ER in its earlier days- except the stuff that happens in one episode (particularly their "holiday" episodes) is a collection of years and years of crazy stories jam-packed into an episode or two...

    I have heard good things about Grey's Anatomy- a couple of the pediatricians and nurses were talking favorably about it at peds rounds last week...

    I have not seen House- the TV spots always looked a bit too spooky and off the wall for me to consider taking the time to watch it...

    So what are your favorite TV depictions of nurses of all-time?


  3. by   Sumatra
    Yes, spooky is part of the show's charm. I'm not in the medical field, but even I can see the lack of realism in the show. I wouldn't let House and his colleagues near me in real life, but I love the show because it's so off the wall. What was that weird show set in a hospital in Boston many years ago? That had both doctors and nurses. I always watched it. St. Elsewhere?
  4. by   jeanrnurse
    Quote from CardioTrans
    LOL, I saw that, then her attending made the comment "ticking off the nurses...not a wise thing to do" I rolled!!!! :chuckle
    Revenge may be sweet, as in this case, but the only way these shows MIGHT look at nurses in a proessional light is if we write the networks and tell the how these comments are demeaning. I also watched Grey's Anatomy enough to know that the overall view of nurses is not too bright; certainly not colleagues.
    Another alternaitve to writing the network is to join the ANA, whose officers regularly monitor medical programs and write the networks, or offer consultants to present nursing in a realistic light. Remember, they took "Dr. Phil" to taks about his comments, and he promised to do a show on nurses.