Hospital's "no raise" excuse

  1. We just had a staff meeting where we were introduced to the new CEO of the hospital. We were invited to ask questions at the end of the meeting. One of the questions we asked was, "why can't we get paid on a scale that other nurses are paid at comparable facilities up state?. Answer: Some of the hospitals you refer to are non profit and don't pay taxes. Since we are a for profit hospital, we have to pay taxes and therefore have less money for raises". What is your hospital's excuse?
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  3. by   oramar
    This did not happen to me but it happened to co-workers. They all were told they had to take a 10% paycut because the hospital was moving and building a new facility. I went to work there several years after the new facility had opened. The bitterness four or five years later was still right under the surface. In my opinion the institution payed ten times over in bad blood. I found out there are a 1000 ways bitter employees can screw their employer and not get caught. I stayed a while but had to leave because of the sullen lateral violence. It was the worst I had ever experinced. To this day I hear complaints in the community about the care in the ER and up on the floors. I know that the employees are still getting even. PS Their wages were not only cut but then were frozen for next two years.
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  4. by   James Huffman
    My. I have heard some dumb excuses in the past, but these beat them all. Always remember, as well: these are excuses, NOT reasons.

    10% pay cut because of a new building? Why, I'm sure the hospital's other vendors are quite happy to charge 10% less, too! For example, the phone companies, electricity, vehicles suppliers, etc. (Massive tongue in cheek, in case you didn't catch my sarcasm).

    Ditto the profit vs. non-profit breakdown. Utter, total nonsense.

    Nurses who put up with this kind of crap deserve what they get.

    When you hear stuff like this, know that for sure the honeymoon is over, but the screwing has just begun. Get out of a place like that. Find a new job. (Even better, start a business). And leave lying idiots like that to their own stupidity.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  5. by   canoehead

    My hospital can't match others in the area BECAUSE we are not for profit, and don't have the extra cash that those making a profit have.

    Where's that vomiting smilie??
  6. by   fedupnurse
    With the huge salaries hospital execs give themselves they have no business ever saying they can't afford to give those of us who do not work in the plush carpeted areas of the hospital a raise. 4% when you make 45,000 a year is a lot less than 4% when you make 800,000 a year. Add in all the perks like spending accounts, company cars, etc that the suits enjoy and there is the raise for the staff. Suits make me sick!!!
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  7. by   colleen10
    Don't get me started on the suits!!!

    Add in all the perks like spending accounts, company cars, etc that the suits enjoy and there is the raise for the staff. Suits make me sick!!!

    I've worked for a couple VP's, Presidents and CEO's and although they weren't in Health Care Management they did spend money on rediculous things.

    Some of my favorites are,

    4,000.00 silk couch for their office, 2 matching pillows
    150.00 each

    the guy who made the company pay for gas for his car
    that he only used to go back in forth from our office to his
    apartment (which we paid for). He said he deserved it
    bacause his Vice President's didn't have to pay for
    gas for their rental cars

    The group of directors from a foreign country that found a
    topless car wash and went through it 9 times in one day
    and then tried to expense it back to the company

    The sales guy that took his clients to a strip club and
    expensed 850.00 :imbar
  8. by   ERNurse752
    Yeah...suits suck!
    I have a "healthy disrespect" for most of the administration in my "network."
    Every time I see one of our huge "Patient focused medicine" billboards, I gag!
    Nothing quite *that* bad has ever happened here...yet...
    If it does?
  9. by   fedupnurse
    hey Colleen10!
    A topless car wash huh?? Man! What'd that one come to???? Years back our hospital was "going broke" and was and still is not for profit. They paid 150.00 per picture for these ugly pictures that they put throughout the entire hospital. They redecorated a lobby that they knew they were going to gut in about a year with red velveteen type fabric on the walls. It looked so cheesy! They easily spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then they announced that there would be layoffs. I'm a big mouth so I said to the then VP how can you possibly justify all this damn redecorating when you are about to layoff around 100 employees! Get this answer: "Oh, that money was left to us for that specific purpose and instructions on decorating." I said "So none of you rocket scientists thought to pick up the stinkin' phone and call the family of the benfactor and explain the budget crunch? Wait don't answer that. The turnip truck I fell off of when I got here is about to leave without me!" and I walked away.
    People get one thing straight. If you work in not for profit you know where those profits go? Right into the suits pockets. Or their friends and families who redecorate at outrageous rates. Or they hide the money in for profit corporations incop.'ed under the hospital. Don't cry for these crooks! They line their pockets and cry poor and leave us short staffed and our patients hanging by a thread! In the end not for profit and for profit are the same thing to staff nurses: Rich executives!!! The exec to patient ratio is higher than the nurse to patient ratio in the health system where I work! They have a vice president for EVERYTHING. Don't take it when they say we have to tighten our belts and take a 10 or 25% pay cut or budget cut. If they all took a 25% paycut they would still be living high on the hog!
    Ahhhhh. Thank you. I feel better now!