hopelessly asking for help

  1. I actually don't know what to do if i failed to live up with so many expectations professing their support to me. i don't know how am i going to mingle with this people if i failed. i have a testophobia before when it comes to entrance exam and this time around i'm phobic, thus hesitant to take this board exam which will, whatever result it may be, will absolutely be a turning point in my life, that is, if i pass. i have a hundred and one questions about life but this one seems so easy for me to answer.... if i don't get that chance, i consider one as taking my life (so easy right?) but i'm afraid to do. i don't know where i'm headed for. all i know is to do it right. but what if this one whom i think is right doesn't fit to do expectation they have and i have for myself? where will i go? when am i gonna finally say that i'm out of the real world's battlefield? pls help me get through this. i can't do this alone.. i need everybody's opinion.
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  3. by   jazznkate
    Are you in the Philippines? It sounds like you're nervous about taking your Board Exam. If you need someone to talk to you can PM me.
  4. by   renerian
    I am not sure if your looking for support to keep moving forward and take the test? What type of support are you looking for?

  5. by   P_RN
    If it's the test, it's not a life and death choice...if at first you don't pass, then keep trying.
    If it's life...I don't know just do the best you can...I have trouble with that one myself, but I wouldn't worry about the test.
  6. by   Dayray

    don't worry things will turn out, althought this test sounds like it's important don't make it more important then it is.

    Just do your best and hope that thats enough. Remeber if you don't pass you can always take it again and mabey you'll be abetter nurse for having had to wait. I know sever al nurses who failed their boards the first time and then passed later.

    Don't worry no matter what happens you will be ok
  7. by   yousev
    Thanks guys for responding my unsound mail. So easy for u guys to talk that way because ur not in my shoes (though once u had experienced it) but thanks for simply responding to my mail gives me a much motivation to move forth... at at some place in this world, there're really people who knows how to listen. thank u guys! For jazzkate, where can i talk to u?
  8. by   stressednurse
    We have 7 Phillipino nurses where I work now. All were anxious about taking the test, we are happy to have them working with us so that anxiety did go down for all of them.
    Everyone so far has passed on their first try. A few still need to test. You are all wonderful nurses or you would not have passed all the interviews that got you to the US.
    Good Luck.