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Hi guys, Not sure where this topic goes, since I'm new this website, but here goes: I'm trying to get in University of North Florida's nursing school. I've completed all... Read More

  1. by   sunray12
    Since you can go to the website of ANY nursing school and see prominent language that includes "demand field" and "job security" I can't see why in the hey so many people are telling OP that he should lie about his motivation for wanting to attend nursing school. How about stopping to consider that the interviewer you are lying to might be the person who wrote the copy on his/her school website about job security in nursing.

    Let's get real - if you were the interviewer would you be more interested in OP who has worked his way to school, has a business degree, retail experience serving the public, and advanced computer skills which means he has the foundation to go as far as he wants to in health care and his choice of pathways if he chooses to - or someone doesn't have much of a background and gives you yet another canned and generic answer about how he "cares about people". I'd go for the guy/gal who gave the honest answer and the business/customer service skills.

    Just my 3.5 cents.
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  2. by   libnat
    i'd still go with they want to be lied to. would you go into a job interview and not highlight how you oh so much want to work for this company and will be the best of employee regardless. these nurse administrators are really into the theory of being an upstanding good caring nurse, they don't want to hear you want money and nursing was a quick way to get it.

    i found in service based industries people are apt to assume pure motives and expect you to express as such.
  3. by   Coffee Nurse
    Quote from Jubilayhee
    Oh yeah. and I'm, sure your such a saint.... NOT
    I'm no saint. However, I am also not someone who lied their way into school and a job in a field that holds honesty as one of its cardinal values.

    Don't bother responding. I've said my piece to the OP, and I'm done with you.
  4. by   libnat
    Well I for one am as pure as the driven snow.
  5. by   JaneyW
    There are the matters of integrity, honesty, and personal values. These are important in health care professions. Being responsible for someone's life or the quality of their life means not just saying what people want to hear or going the route where more money or security is to be found. Numerous studies show that personal values have the greatest impact on a nurse's ethical behavior in the workplace. You can teach ethics, but that doesn't always make a big impact on who someone is and will be in a crucial situation. We need nursing professionals who will make the right decision. Not just the one that will give the most personal gain or sound the best or maybe is the most expedient. Yes, the OP is just talking about an interview, but in his post and the posts that have followed, personal values and patterns are shown.
  6. by   libnat
    Hard to judge someones personal values and ethics on the inter-webs. Never know if you are getting the real person, besides the fact we can all present ourselves as perfect little snowflakes here.
  7. by   UM Review RN
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