Holiday gift for manager?

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to find out how many of you are planning on giving your boss(es) a holiday gift? If so, what?
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  3. by   ceecel.dee
    Nothing is expected.
    Keep it simple and inexpensive if she (he) remains on your list. Homemade, edible, holiday card, etc...
    Do not expect anything from them individually.
    A heart-felt "Merry Christmas" is sometimes all that is necessary and/or polite.
  4. by   llg
    I agree with Ceecel.dee. Buying gifts for your manager is not usually necessary (unless you happen to work in a culture where it is expected). Receiving such a gift instills a sense of obligation in the receiver -- and a busy career person can't be expected to respond personally to everyone in their workplace who might report to them directly or indirectly. That failure to reciprocate the gift giving causes feelings of guilt and perhaps resentment.

    If you feel you still want to do something -- gift a nice card and write a nice note. Also, give her a smile or two and wish her a "Happy Holidays." That way, she can easily reciprocate the warm, friendly wishes and it can be perceived as a positive thing all the way around.

    Right now, I feel overwhelmed by the burden of the holidays. Every committee I am on ... every group I interact with in the hosptial ... etc. wants to have a Christmas party and expects me to contribute. That's a lot of "covered dishes" for someone who doesn't cook -- and a lot of little gifts to buy for the gift exchanges -- and a lot of little gifts received that I do not need -- etc. I don't want to have a "bah-humbug" type mood, but those of us who interact with many different groups of people at work end up having too many social obligations and expectations for them all to be enjoyable.

    Keep it light and simple. Your boss is probably already stressed out. Don't place another burden on her buy giving her a gift that seems to invite a response from her.

  5. by   ceecel.dee
    Quote from llg
    -- and a lot of little gifts received that I do not need --
    :yeahthat: Exactly!
  6. by   gitterbug
    A former manager loved flavored coffee's. We all chipped in a buck and got her A Starbuck's gift set of these. She was surprised, loved the gift, made us pots of it on some terrible shifts, and still had coffee to take home to hubby.
  7. by   gitterbug
    One year we got her a new warm up jacket for work.
  8. by   santhony44
    My personal philosophy is that the higher someone is on the food chain, the less $$$ should be spent on a gift.

    If you can, some sort of homemade goodie is nice, as is a handcrafted ornament. If you can't do either of those, then the card and note are fine.
  9. by   Kyrshamarks
    I usually get a small lead crystal vase or candy jar at Macy's or someplace like that and place a bag of chocolate in it and give that. You can get the crystal vases for around $15 bucks. We also do the same for our neighbors. It is inexpensive and a different gift. it is something that they can use year round on their desk or in their home.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You could always make a donation to the charity of your choice in his/her name. I think that is nice.
  11. by   Celia M
    I'm a manager, I don't expect gifts from my employees and I make that known so people don't feel obligated. I'm always surprised by the thought that goes into the gifts I do receive. I give each of my 50 employees a small gift as a thank you for their hard work. I love getting cards or just Christmas wishes. I'd rather they spend their hard earned money on their loved ones or themselves!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   LilRedRN1973
    I love, love, love doing holiday baking and making things like candied pecans, truffles, pumpkin muffins, chocolate covered pretzels, and my cranberry walnut cookies. So I put together baskets for each of my supervisors/managers. This year, they will have little cellophane baggies of chocolate covered pretzels, my sugared pecans, sweet and spicy pecans, minimuffins, and various cookies. I also an including a copy of Echo Heron's Tending Lives in each of their baskets (I came across a big supply of them and it only cost me $2.00 a book), along with some Bath and Body works hand lotion I purchased last January at 70% off. In all, the entire gift will run me under $10 and last year, they loved the baskets.

    I also handed out little gift bags to many of the nurses who had to work on Christmas day that were filled with various homemade goodies (my chocolate covered pretzels are the EASIEST things to make and everyone loves them). I also included little travel size tubes of yummy smelling hand lotion and tied them up with a pretty gold bow and a cute nametag. They were fun to make and well received. I never expect anything back and let people know up front that I just enjoy putting these little baskets/bags together. My kids help me and it's a chance for the kids and I to do some "crafty" things together, not to mention all the baking/cooking. It's a win-win situation all around!