Holiday differentials? - page 2

Curious as to what other acute care facilities pay regarding major holiday differentials. Worked today, Easter, for no differential -- other than the standard 25% weekend differential. ... Read More

  1. by   BearLV
    I used to work at a hospital that gave holiday pay on your birthday along with all the other major holidays.
  2. by   Tweety
    We get $2.00 an hour on holidays. But not Easter. Over the years quite a few organizations have dropped Easter because why should they give only Christian holidays off or with holiday pay. But it would be too much drama to drop Christmas too. How many people who don't go to church still make Xmas a holiday. As hypocritical as it sounds, I'm not a Christian, yet celebrate Xmas as a time of giving and family. But that's a whole other thread. smile.
  3. by   bassbird
    The no extra holiday does suck. I have to admit that the rest of the work environment is great though. I have the best health coverage for the least money that I have ever had. We have short and long term disability at no cost, 100% tuition reimbursement (up to 7,200 for graduate, 4320 undergrad), we can take all of our CEU's for free, and a bunch of other benefits that make the no holiday pay a bit easier to understand. I would like to see time and a half for holidays though.