I wrong to think this way???

  1. Hey everybody! I'd like your opinion on something...let me give you a little background info. (I'll keep it as short as possible.)

    I worked for a non-profit agency (owned property, community stuff), I was the office manager then went to property manager. Small company 4 employees. I worked there for 1 1/2 years, got along great with my boss. They she sort of freaked out last December (Monday after Christmas) and said that I was never working and I needed to improve my work and attitude. Immediately reduced my pay $1.50, moved me to a dinky office, made me everybody else's assistant rather than 2nd in command. Funny thing is 2 weeks prior she said I had so much work to do that she was going to have her daughter write the company checks instead of me (daughter made $250 for 2 hours work.) Ok, so over the span of two weeks she was constantly belittling me and saying that I wasn't improving and that if I didn't immediately I'd lose my job. I was doing everything she asked and had accepted my new role as office assistant (big difference from my old position)!! Then after two weeks (on my birthday of all days) she fired me! I was not happy, I wrote a letter to the board of directors telling them about how I was fired and how my old boss had cheated the company and some other un-ethical things that she had done. I just wanted them to be aware.

    Ok, so all of this was in January. Now I'm currently working 2 jobs to be able to make ends meet and still don't have enough money and don't make near as much as I did with this other company. I'm a single-mom to boot.

    So anyways, I called the old company on Tuesday to see what kind of a reference my old boss would give me and my friend told me that the board had made it so uncomfortable for her there (took away right to hire/fire employees, etc.) that she quit. Also her husband had lost his job during the past couple of months.

    Now I am not a revengeful person, I try to treat people the way that I would want to be treated. But I was pleased to hear this news!!!!! It's like she got what she deserved for treating me the way she did. Also she and her husband always bragged about how much $ they had (going on cruises, buying a new mustang and suv, and a bunch of other things). She made 75K at the non-profit (ridiculous) and he made 60K.

    So I had told a co-worker about how she had mistreated me previously and today I told her about this boss basically losing her job and about her husband losing his also. My "friend" (I've know her for about 2 1/2 years from work) thought I was just terrible for thinking that they got what they deserved! But then again she doesn't blink an eye (and bragging) about spending $560 for a pair of shoes.

    What do you all think, am I in the wrong for feeling that justice was served???
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  3. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from Deb123j
    What do you all think, am I in the wrong for feeling that justice was served???
    It's karma,baby! Try not to gloat too much though-it may come back on you..... I love karma....
  4. by   ARmickie
    If it's wrong, then I'm going down with you!! I'm just waiting to hear that my old boss went down in flames!! This woman trained me for my position, and she knew that upper ranking people had pulled me from my training six weeks early. After I got moved out from under her as a trainee, she refused to help me at all... I'm not talking about asking her to do my job.. I just asked where our company allowed us to buy certain things.. she wouldn't tell me. Then, as fate would have it, this woman gets a promotion to be my supervisor. The b*tch fired me two months later for not doing my job, even though she knew what I was and was not trained on and refused to help finish my training.... :angryfire I'm just patiently waiting.... :chuckle
  5. by   Deb123j
    It's sweet!!! I'm not a revengful person, but when somebody treats you (and you know they do it to others) terrible and then they get theirs... It lets you know that life can REALLY be just!!!

    (P.S. My old boss and her husband also had bought a new 200K house last summer. The payments were well over $1500, wonder how their payin for it now.)

    Oh gosh...that sounded so terrible
  6. by   bluesky
    I guess for me at least, the truth is that when I've heard of ex-bosses that were jerks to me or ex-coworkers who were jerks to me have some bad fortune, at first I feel a little gratified, then I just feel bad for them and their family. I usually think about all the perfectly innocent people such as parents, children or others who are related to that person who may suffer too. Don't get me wrong though, I will tell someone off big time to their face if they f***k with me, that's how I deal with betrayal.
  7. by   Deb123j
    Quote from bluesky
    then I just feel bad for them and their family. I usually think about all the perfectly innocent people such as parents, children or others who are related to that person who may suffer too.
    That's true, but luckily their children are grown. I'm sure in a day or two I'll feel more sorry for them, but not right now. She's the reason I'm working 60 hours a week just to barely pay my bills.
  8. by   missmercy
    What goes around comes around!!! Obviously, what she was doing was really bad business practice and she didn't deserve the job!! Fate, Karma, ..... call it what you will -- works for me!!
  9. by   crankyasanoldma
    Something similar happened to me once.

    A young family member was burned. His recovery was long and complicated. I went to work as usual-a job that I enjoyed and was good at. During the early part of the family member's recovery, I was having trouble concentrating and wasn't performing as well as usual. My boss sent me a note that said " I know you have problems. We all have problems. But I need some help around here." She made life more difficult for me in other ways, too.

    The note and her treatment made me angry, but I understood.

    Months later, my bosses mother had a heart attack (and recovered). My boss came in feeling just like I had during our medical crisis.

    I was very nice to her and hope she learned a lesson.
  10. by   mshultz

    Your former boss violated generally accepted accounting procedures by having her daughter write the checks. Whenever this sort of thing happens, you can bet that money is being stolen. That is why your former boss and her husband (I assume he also worked there?) were fired. You were demoted, and then fired, in an attempt to keep the theft from being detected.
  11. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I have a friend who was treated very badly by a nursing school instructor. This istructor told her "You should drop out of the program. You will never be a nurse."

    Ten years later, my friend is charge at a crisis psych facility- Guess who she gets as an admit one noc, after an unsuccessful suicide attempt?

    That nasty ol' instructor!

    My friend was a great mentor to me, and a great nurse. She inspired me to persue my RN.

    Poetic justice, I say.

    Go ahead and gloat, but not too much! As ktwlpm mentioned- karma!
  12. by   Deb123j
    Thanks guys! As each day passes I feel less about the situation. Don't really feel sorry for her, just kinda forgetting about it.

    One positive thing about her firing me, I never would have gone to school still working there!!!
    I can't wait to get to nursing school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. by   tmiller027
    I don't know about Karma, but I do believe what goes around comes around.

    At my old job at the PD, our asst. chief is a bitter old man who has numerous badges under his belt (people who he's had fired) He's very mean and vindictive.

    Well, before I left the dept, I couldn't help but laugh a bit when in one week, I booked in two of his grandkids. One for running and fighting with police, another for possession of 64 grams of marijuana.

    I couldn't help but think that maybe if he spent as much time with his family, as he did trying to screw each of us over, maybe they wouldn't have turned out so screwed up. Mean I know, but I think there's truth to it.
  14. by   Maggiemay
    Looks like the good Lord took care of the situation, you should feel gratified that the "vengence is mine sayeth the Lord" really happened, but- be careful and don't openly rejoice too much. It would be a shame for you to be perceived as bitter, when really you were just hurt.

    Be better than your old boss- forgive her, and know in your heart that changes happen, and although they are painful sometimes- good will happen.