High Insulin Dosages - page 2

Hey everyone, The other night I had patients who were ordered an outrageously high dosage of insulin for mealtimes plus sliding scale coverage. 100 units and 75 units of humalin R for each... Read More

  1. by   JWEMT
    Personally I can use lantus 80 units and novolog 60-90 units a day on myself with on issues.
  2. by   mmc51264
    I have seen T2 patients that are so resistant, they are on U-500 insulin. It is possible to take that much insulin. Agree with PP about the diff between T1 and T2. The T2s are going to be more resistant, thus the higher doses. Just watch BG. If you hold a dose just because you haven't seen that dose before and your pt ends up with BG in the 500s and on their was to the T2 equivalent of DKA and/or on an insulin gtt, that's on you. Look at pts home regimen, ask them, look at trends.
  3. by   shycat
    Pregnant Type 1 Diabetics at the height of insulin resistance in their pregnancy may hit ratios of 1 unit of insulin to 1g carb. So eating a meal with 75g carbs would required 75units of insulin.
  4. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    When I worked in Assisted Living, one resident got 75 units of Lantus at bedtime.
  5. by   HospiceLVN
    I'm a Type 2 Diabetic with high insulin resistance. I take Levemir 50 units in the morning and 30 units at night, as well as 45 units of Humalog TID. Sometimes if my sugars are really outrageous, I have to take more insulin in addition to this. I recently started taking Trulicity, though, and it is helping to get my sugars down to an acceptable level, so I find that I'm needing to decrease my insulin doses.