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  1. Any of you working nightshift while being a single mom? I was offered a position in a nurse residency program that starts in September, but I'd be starting on nightshift (I can put my name right immediately on the list to switch to day shift, though, and I think I'm going to have to do that). I LOVE the idea of night shift for the pay differential and getting to learn when things are "slower" with less people around, especially since I have never worked in health care before and I'm definitely on the introverted side. My previous job was a 3-11pm, and if I didn't have kids, or had more support, night shift would be my 100% preference. However, I'm a single mom to a 2 year old. I moved to the US to marry my now-ex husband, so I do not have family here. Or even friends. My ex-husband may or may not be able to keep her, depends if he finds somewhere to live that she can stay with him within the next couple months. Not really sure how I'm going to make night shift work. I also realized that this would essentially work out to me just getting a 2-day weekend with my daughter since I will be sleeping during the day before and after my 3 shifts. And this is especially what makes me sad since one of the appeals of working three 12s for me was more days with my daughter. Plus, this means she's potentially sleeping at a babysitter's house overnight while I work, and then during the day while I sleep... What does your schedule look like if you're a mom? Do you sleep the full day before you start your shift? Or just take a nap before? Do you schedule all your shifts in a row? How do you maximize your time to be with your kids and what does your childcare situation look like? Thank you
  2. I applied to the nursing program and have been invited to the final application step - the panel interview. We are allowed some freedom of choice as to the time and date. The interview is scored, but I am wondering if there's a time that's "best" and most in my favor. One of the first since there isn't as many to compare to? One of the last because the panelists are happy to be done? The morning? After lunch? End of day? I might be overthinking this. I am super nervous!
  3. I took A&P 2 and Microbio last semester while working full-time. I finished with an A in A&P and a B in Microbio. I also tried to take College Algebra at the same time, but had to withdraw as I was failing.
  4. shycat

    High Insulin Dosages

    Pregnant Type 1 Diabetics at the height of insulin resistance in their pregnancy may hit ratios of 1 unit of insulin to 1g carb. So eating a meal with 75g carbs would required 75units of insulin.
  5. shycat

    Which is worse? A W or an F?

    Thank you. This story is very encouraging. I was feeling very down about it and wondering if it was a sign I'm not good enough for nursing. I am going to withdraw tomorrow and take College Algebra by itself next semester.
  6. shycat

    Which is worse? A W or an F?

    I am doing very poorly in College Algebra. It's online, I work full-time, and I am taking A&PII and Microbio at the same time. Right now I am failing College Algebra. I am still able to withdraw. Even if I were to complete the course I would have to retake it. Which looks better? A W and then later the same class with a better grade, or potentially failing (don't think it is salvageable unfortunately) and then retaking it and doing better? I am thinking I want to take JUST College Algebra on-campus next semester so it is the only class I have to focus on.
  7. shycat

    Fall 2017 Chat

    Well the first lecture exams are not starting off on quite the right foot: A&P II: 81% Microbiology: 78.25% College Algebra is up next on Wednesday and A&P II lab exam on Saturday.
  8. shycat

    Health Care is Not a Right

    I read this entire thread and noticed the suggestion of charities and such voluntarily paying for people's health care who aren't able to pay for it themselves instead of health care being paid for via taxes. There was a Type 1 Diabetic who needed insulin, so he set up a gofundme. He died. Libertarian utopia at work.
  9. shycat

    Health Care is Not a Right

    I'm Canadian living in the US (married an American), and I would take Canada's health care system any day over the system here. The only "edge" the US has that I've seemed to notice in my time here, is that the clinics/offices are much more aesthetically-pleasing and expensive-looking... not really a requirement for quality health care. I have Type 1 Diabetes and it's insane here in the US. $275/insulin vial vs $30 (of course, I can only get it partially covered if I buy 3 vials at a time now which is way out of reach and my deductible hasn't been reached yet, but paying 20% on $600+ is still a lot for me and that's only for one of the insulins I take). People, mostly Americans, are swapping their diabetes supplies -including expired ones, on Facebook groups just for the price of shipping because cost is so out of hand here. I am insured through my employer and the coverage is meh and I work for a large, international corporation. My coverage at a much smaller employer in Canada was better. I am currently using recently expired rapid-acting insulin that I originally received in Canada in 2015. I am going home for Christmas and will be purchasing insulin in my hometown in Canada. My visit at an endocrinology clinic with a NP was around $300 here in Southern US. My visit with an endocrinologist (the best one I've had!) in Quebec was free and they ordered more comprehensive lab work. Sure, that waiting room/hospital was fugly and the waiting room was very full, but my care was perfect. My husband is currently uninsured and at home with a possible inguinal hernia. He's in a lot of pain, but has been refusing for days to go to the ER because of the cost and what a gigantic medical bill would do to us. I'm not a nurse yet - I'm doing prereqs, so I am currently the only one employed grossing a bit under $25k/year (my husband lost his job after STD wasn't approved for his depression because he didn't have a "history" with the doc who filled out the paperwork.. He had no doc prior! and I paid with my HSA for his appointment with my family doctor, but all proper care for his mental health problems have been out of reach). You don't know how much I wish he was in Canada right now just to at least have his abdominal pain attended to. No wait in the US (which I think is largely inaccurate) means nothing when you feel like the price of care is too much of a barrier to even get to the ER in the first place. Plus, in Canada I didn't have to wait and wait and wait in emerg when I presented with high glucose (not in DKA) and suspected I had diabetes. My care was very "wham bam thank you ma'am." But that's the difference between something that can become a real emergency quickly (ending up in DKA) and someone showing up with a headache... I like lots about the US and where I live, but this ain't it.
  10. shycat


    Related to nursing? NRSNG & FreshRN. :)
  11. shycat

    Summer 2017 Chat

    Now that the Fall semester has started, will there be a new thread? Unfortunately, I had a chemical pregnancy. We tried again, but our timing wasn't good (will find out in a week or so if the egg was caught) and I am not sure my husband is ready. Might be for the best anyway since a classmate said that it sounds like I am actually able to apply for the accelerated track that starts in the Summer. I have an appointment with the academic advisor for the health professions tomorrow to go over my degree plan and if I can, in fact, apply for a summer start. Obviously if I were pregnant, I wouldn't pursue the summer start. I know plenty of people will give birth and go back to class 2 days later, but that's not for me. I am taking College Algebra, Microbio, and A&P II and am definitely feeling the heat. The math in particular feels very fast paced and I am having a hard time figuring out my darn graphing calculator. It's online, but I am definitely thinking that I will need to take advantage of the tutors on campus. I love my microbio teacher. It's hybrid so it's just lab that's on campus, but she's very dynamic and helpful. She also did an excellent job with the online content - better than all my other online/hybrid classes. I have the same A&PII teacher as A&PI. Super boring and somehow there is a whole lot less content in my 3 hour A&P lab than in my 1h20min microbio lab!
  12. shycat

    Prerequisites online

    I take my prereqs online at the same community college I hope to attend for nursing. However, the labs for my sciences classes (A&P, microbiology) are on campus. The theory/bookwork is still online. You will need to contact your college to see if they would accept science prereqs where the labs are mailed to you (and I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't possible for a class like microbiology where you're growing things like bacteria, need access to a Bunsen burner, good microscope, etc...). Your college may be like mine and also offer classes online or in the hybrid format for classes with lab. My math class is online, but they also required I take tests/exams at the test center on campus. My school does not allow online proctoring. All my other classes: English, psych, etc, are 100% online.
  13. shycat

    BSN First? Or Bridge?

    My goal with nursing is to ultimately become a midwife. I have wanted to be a midwife since I was 15. I am originally from Canada where midwifery is different than in the US (but more on par with CNM than CPM, but nursing education is not part of midwifery in Canada). After moving to the US and examining the different pathways, I have opted for CNM, but have also developed an interest in nursing itself. I am on track for my community college's nursing program which recently received their ACEN accreditation. This means I would be able to do the bridge program at Frontier after I get some nursing experience. My question is, do employers of CNMs prefer if you received a BSN before getting an MSN? Would it be smarter to get a BSN first vs going through a bridging program?
  14. I have wanted to be a midwife for a long time. I am originally from Canada and midwifery there is direct-entry 4 year bachelor's program. When I moved to the US, I decided I preferred the CNM route over the CPM route. However, I do not plan on midwifery ASAP and will probably only pursue that education several years after nursing school. I am also planning a family and would rather three 12's (perhaps PRN at some point) while having young children. Plus, if the midwifery dream dies, nursing has many other fields for me to explore. There are many aspects of health & medicine I am interested in.
  15. shycat

    Summer 2017 Chat

    Found out today that I am pregnant! If it sticks (cross fingers), I am due late March/early April which is pretty good timing if I am accepted into the class that starts Fall 2018.
  16. shycat

    Summer 2017 Chat

    I took the Accuplacer today! Thanks to Khan Academy I PASSED my goal of getting into College Algebra and will be taking Precalculus. A&P II, Microbio, Precalc and Electronic Health Records is now my class line up for the fall. Potentially a bit intense... But I am excited. Additionally I will be applying to a local hospital to work as a PCA in their L&D/postpartum ward. Getting my BLS this week as that's all many of these PCA positions require: High school diploma/GED and BLS. I am also having a slight crisis re:nursing. I have been thinking more and more about med school.......

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