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  1. by   altomga
    Welcome to a crazy place...(personally b/w you and me; I'm addicted to it!! LOL LOL!!
    Have fun and join in with both barrels!!!
  2. by   cactus wren
    Welcome....Have to WARN you, though........This place is very,very, addicting............bit it`s a GOOD addiction
  3. by   Allison P
    Welcome to the board!

  4. by   ERNurse752
    Hello, and welcome!
  5. by   SeptSue
    Hi and another welcome.
  6. by   Mlpyfee34
    im brand new here hi everybody!!
  7. by   SeptSue
    Good afternoon Mlpyfee34 and welcome.
  8. by   maggie7
    wecome to you both.
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    Nice to meet you...After awhile you will "know" everyone. These people are wonderful and supportive of each other. Take care and have fun!
  10. by   nakitamoon
    welcome,,,, looking forward to reading your posts,,,, tell us about yourself,,,,,, warning*** this is addicitng,,,, ~kitamoon
  11. by   NewIcuRN
    So anyway - Just getting ready to start an ICU job in February - excited and nervous. From Pittsburgh, PA...GO STEELERS! Anyone else catch that game today! Now residing in Florida. (And by the way, just got married yesterday - that's why I wasn't online, and didn't see all the great welcomes from you all!) Love football and golf - and my new hubby! Thanks for the welcomes...
  12. by   P_RN

    And Allnurses was your choice today?
    Welcome anyway,.......all I did when we first got married was watch b&w tv the week Days of Our Lives premiered.

    Hubby was doing his Army thing....it WAS 1965 and the military kinda wanted to be first prioity.And that TV 17" black and white cost over $100 paid in monthly $16.oo payments!!!
  13. by   GPatty
    Glad to have ya here!