1. Does anyone have any good online resources for practice tests with the HESI exam?
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  3. by   ladyash
    hey when I was preparing for the HESI I used the CD-ROM called NCLEX 4000 which will help you with the HESI and NCLEX. Also, through my school they gave us access to a website called medspub.com.
  4. by   registerednutrn
    When I was in nursing school we used medspub. as well. It really help every one in my class. At my school the hesi was not such a big deal. You had to make at least an 850 on it or you had to do remediation depending on how much below 850 you were. The hesi is supposed to be an indicator of how you will do on the nclex. Those who made 850 or high would be most likely to pass. But don't left it freak you out too much it was not so bad. My friend made a 450 on it and still passed the nclex the first time .
  5. by   tolerantgirl
    I have nclex 4000 and I bought meds publishing exam a day for RN's. Please tell me if this helped you with Hesi exit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. by   MB37

    If the link doesn't work, google NCLEX-RN 3500.
    This isn't specifically for the HESI, but it is 3500 online NCLEX-style questions.
  7. by   ladyash
    To study for the HESI and NCLEX I mainly used NCLEX 4000 by doing about 100 questions a day and then reviewing the rationales after I finished taking the test. I had access to meds pub, but rarely used it because I found the NCLEX 4000 to be more helpful. But some of the people I went to school with did use meds pub and foiund it to be helpful. The main thing is to do as many questions as possible. Hope this helps.
  8. by   tolerantgirl
    thank you so much for all your help.