Here is an MD actually fighting FOR nurses!

  1. My heart jumped for joy when I read this article written by a truly insightful MD as an editorial in a newspaper published for physicians. Thank Goodness he's on our side and sharing his views with his fellow physicians! I hope you all agree with me on this one. If I could, I'd send him a kiss:kiss
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Thanks, but old news here.
  4. by   bellehill
    What a great article and so true! If only it was mandatory reading for all medical students and residents. I know I didn't become a nurse to improve my paperwork skills...
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    thanks for the link, anaclaire. i hadn't seen that before.
  6. by   stressedlpn
    just goes to show ya that their are some good docs out there, we have a couple to have fought and fought for us only to be punished in the most childish ways admin. could think of.
  7. by   Jenny P
    Anaclaire, I've read it before and emailed the good Dr. Greenberg. I think it would be nice if every nurse would email him and let him know we appreciate his kind words. He did answer my email (and it probably was with an automatic response) and thank me for my comments, though, but I think the more nurses who email him the more aware he may be that we did hear him and are watching the physicans newsletters too.
  8. by   Anaclaire
    Excellent suggestion Jenny P! As soon as I finish typing this I will return to the article and send him an email too!! Our grassroots efforts are the efforts that will ultimately be successful. All meaningful change (in politics, social issues, laws, etc.) have mainly occurred because lots of people got together and made their voices heard.

    It's also a great idea for us to be able to let the physicians know we are aware of their newsletters and ultimately their viewpoints too.

    We, nurses and doctors, are team members and should remember that always. We can't truly work without one another.

    Thank you Jenny and thank you to all who have responded to my post. I know the news is old to some folks, but it was new to me and I thought it may be new to someone else too.

  9. by   2amigos
    I read the article and did e-mail to thank him. Thanks Anaclaire for posting this article!
  10. by   anitame
    Thanks for the article. Very well written. Wish there were more docs like him!
  11. by   sjoe
    In my experience, most docs are most supportive and helpful and eager to learn from RNs when they don't know something. I get weary of all the doc-trashing I have heard from nurses. These docs are treated as poorly and disrespectfully as we are these days. Administration-trashing, on the other hand, seems largely well-founded.
  12. by   Lightning
    Thanks for the link to the article. Just e-mailed the doc to thank him for recognizing the important role we play. Who knows, a big response may prompt another article?
    Im printing this out and posting it on every door in the OR and leaving a copy of it in the Drs. lounge
  14. by   fab4fan
    Thanks for posting wasn't "old news" to me, since this is the first I've seen this post. Nice to see a few docs appreciate us.