Here is an MD actually fighting FOR nurses! - page 2

My heart jumped for joy when I read this article written by a truly insightful MD as an editorial in a newspaper published for physicians. Thank Goodness he's on our side and sharing his views with... Read More

  1. by   pc1004rn
    Thanks for the post Anaclaire. Good to hear there are some docs that really appreciate us. I hope there are some in the hospital I work at.
  2. by   Swiftee
    This is why we need someone on our side to get into Administration. Reminds me of politics.
  3. by   KimRN22
    God Bless that MD !!!

    If I could, I would also send him a kiss:kiss

    Thanks for sharing that article Anaclaire !!
  4. by   RNFROG3
    I emailed him after reading the article before I read all the posts about emailing him too. I also ran off a copy and am going to post it all over our hospital. Where there is a BB, It will be too! Thanks for the link. It was nice too see someone other than a nurse defending our profession.
  5. by   maizey
    Thank you for sharing that wonderful article with us. I am making a copy to take to work and put up on the bulletin boards and the doctors lounge.
  6. by   cactus wren
    WOW !!
    Do you think we could clone this Doc?
    Actually have worked with several pro nurse docs over the years,they are to be cherished as they seem to be far and few between
    I wrote the good Dr a note to thank him , and we have written back and fourth a few times , He has seen the words of praise you have given him , because I forwarded the site to him
    and his reply:
    I've read the posts and they're wonderful.
    Since I cannot post myself,on the website, would you please add a comment from me that I do not send any automatic responses, but they are often short because I get so much e-mail that I would be overwhelmed if I sent a long response to everybody.
    I read every letter I get and I love them.


    Michael Greenberge M.D.

    I thought yall would like to know
  8. by   Swiftee
    Awwwww! Isn't he a charmer? He wrote back to me too. :angel2:
  9. by   eldernurse
    I e-mailed this to every nurse on my mailing list. We need this kind of support. However, he didn't address the specifics, like our working conditions are like that of a "chain gang".
    Hey he is a Dr we should be thankful he was kind enought to think about us , its more than what most of them do...
    And yes it was great to get a few notes from him
    He is really a nice guy.