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As soon as I get to work, I like to get report, start seeing all my patients, check off the charts, and start passing meds as ordered. During these first several hours, I don't dilly dally around... Read More

  1. by   oramar
    It is not just talking among employees that takes up their time. It is doing their kids homework on line. Calling up old friends on the phone for social reason. Time wasted kissing up to doctors and managment persons, no they are not talking business it is social. Recently I noticed an LPN who was on the computer making airline reservations for a friend who did not have a computer at home. I could go on and on and on. However, this is a managment problem and if people arn't getting out on time I don't care I am leaving when my shift is over.
  2. by   JohnBearPA
    I too, know the agony some of you are going thru. I am a dayshift LPN in a LTC, and the 3-11 LPN that follows me is a VERY new nurse that loves to chat and will go as far as interrupting report from me to show pictures of her kids to the CNA's! I've put up with just about enough after today, and plan on letting her know next time she pulls this on me. Not sure how I'll tell her how bad it p*sses me off, but I'vehad enough.

    Report today took an hour folks, I'm not kidding, an hour on 30 people! I always get to work early, immediately take report, and begin my work, just in case I get behind later. This newbie just drives me and everyone else nuts. She also can't seem to take the blame for any of her mistakes, and will even argue with you that she didn't write an order when you can plainly see it's in her very distinctive handwriting. My guess is she won't be there long tho, so maybe I'll just sit back and watch her crash and burn.

    Well, to all the other squirrels that save their nuts for winter, let the goof-offs starve! LOL
  3. by   tryingtomakeit
    Gosh, do I know this feeling well! I work hard keeping up with my charting, etc. so that as soon as my moms deliver and are safely recovered, I can move them to post partum and help there (our post partum nurses are terribly neglected by management). But try as I might, I can't get past one particular nursery nurse who will wait for me to empty out to start her assessments on her babies! The sad thing is, she doesn't make any bones about it. She will plainly say that she will wait for me. For the longest, I would just suck it up, but I finally told her that I didn't mind helping out, but that she needed to get out of the habit of "waiting".
  4. by   GardenDove
    I think the term for this behavior is 'enabling'.
  5. by   EmerNurse
    Argh - I HATE this! First, let me say that when someone is SWAMPED, everyone pitches in. Absolutely.

    But I'm one of those who likes to dive in and get my ducks in a row right away on my shift. I don't like having things pending. I like them DONE. I will forego a smoke break (which only takes 2 minutes btw, I'm quick), or a chat about the kids, or a cup of coffee, until all my patients are caught up, just waiting for labs, etc (I'm an ER nurse). So I tend to buzz like a maniac at first. Then, when I'm where I want to be, always knowing the rescue can come barrelling in the door), that's where my issue comes in. If I'm in the nurses station, I WILL end up taking orders so the doc doesn't have to wait until that pt's nurse is found. I will end up discharging someone's patient so they don't have to wait. Little stuff like that. But little stuff adds up, when I see that nurse later chatting or cruising the internet while there are her charts in the order rack or in the discharge rack (and then leaving late because of having to chart!).

    I've learned, when I'm caught up, however briefly, I go stock my rooms, run the QC on the accucheck machine, hide in the kitchen for a cuppa, whatever. Anything so I am not seen to be standing still, because I WILL be asked to do something. I don't mind helping out, but not when said nurse has spent half her/his time chatting, on the phone, or on the internet.

    That's why I NEVER feel guilty about my very quick smoke breaks. I EARN them!
  6. by   MomNRN
    Isn't this aggravating? We don't have that many goof-off's as lazy, inefficient people.

    I am all for being a team player, but I have my own patient load.

    We have one RN who is constantly asking for help because she can't prioritize. I get tired of saving her butt!

    If a pt is crashing, hurrying to the cath lab, or hemorrhaging, I am always there for you. If you can't get that cath done, because you are busy chatting, that is your problem.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    i'm the same way - i like to be very organized from the start and get all my meds checked, charts checked and assessments written promptly. i hate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

    however, this does make you seem like you are not doing anything when everyone else is running around like crazy later in the shift. i've even had a comment made on my eval once that i didn't help others. right - i didn't take your patient who was vomiting and give them a shower while you sat at the nurses' station chatting on the phone with your boyfriend. and i didn't answer your call light while you were out smoking for 20 minutes. i am a team player and empty bedpans, help pts up to commodes, get them to the bathroom, make beds, etc.

    when you are organized and get your work done in a timely manner, it can look to others like you aren't helping. so i do the same thing others are mentioning. i go restock the ob room. i make sure the med room is clean. i check on linens. i restock the cardiac monitor supplies. anything to get up from the nurses station and all those prying eyes.

    i don't mind helping but don't hate me because i'm organized. . . . .:d