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My gold fish has been swimming on her back for weeks. She looks ok but floating like a balloon on her back. Can a vet help?... Read More

  1. by   frustratedRN

    SOME of us werent making fun of you. SOME of us obviously dont know anything about fish. SOME of us thought you were just messing with us. SOME of us are sorry if your feelings were hurt.
  2. by   welcare
    Thank you for all the informative replies. I think I'll try the salt bath first. Though some of the replies are sarcastic, but no bad feelings here. That is always the problems with short messaging and chatting on internet. There is no tone, no expressions. So the intention is always misunderstood.
  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Well damn! I guess you live and learn something new everyday! I thought it was a joke too and I probably would have told you to do the same thing frustratedRN did, LOL.
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Anybody see 'Deuce Bigalow?' HAH!! I cracked up at that scene where the dude was tapping on the tank saying, 'fishy fishy fishy' in that stupid voice and Deuce grabs his hand and says, 'they really don't like that.'

    LOL!! I'd be the geek saying 'they really don't like that.' Yep, I'm an aquarium geek. I totally admit it!!

  5. by   kaycee
    Maybe they have tiny foley's for swim bladder disease. Next time we have a pt with a distended bladder and urinary retention we ought to try a salt water bath. Much less invasive and it would cut down on catheter introduced UTI's.
  6. by   bonster
    I don't believe a tiny foley would allow to escape from a fish with swim bladder nor do I think salt water baths would help a human with a urinary retention problem since the two are completely unrelated in nature. FYI: "Bladders" aren't always associated with urine.

    Swim bladder disorder is when the gas-filled sac located in the dorsal portion of body cavity of a fish is distended and trapped.

  7. by   kaycee
    It was a joke Bon, ok maybe a stupid one but a joke.
  8. by   bonster
    I was joking too! Couldn't you tell? I used the appropriate smilie, didn't I? lol

    Chilin' with my fish,


  9. by   kaycee
    Ok Bon, LOL. But if it's a gas filled sac how bout a iddy biddy rectal tube? I know, I'm pushin it. I'm bein a bit weird today. It's my b-day and I'm feelin kind of old.
    Hey speaking of rectal tubes anyone still use them? I haven't in years.
    Have a great day chilin' with your fish!
  10. by   frustratedRN
    we use rectal tubes sometimes for patients that have the skin breakdown and diarrhea combo.
    sometimes it helps sometimes it doesnt.
  11. by   nicola
    I hope your fishy gets better! I've had fancy goldfish (not since I was a kid, tho), and don't remember any of them getting that problem. Could be funny to watch, tho...

    I have a betta - a really lovely blue guy - who lives in a vase with some bamboo... It's a really cool set up! (I haven't named him yet, any suggestions?) This is my second one. The first lived a year and change, then went belly up. sigh! At first I wasn't going to get another fish, but it felt kinda lonely on my diningroom table without him there... I think it's funny how we humans seem to need to hve other living things with us!
  12. by   majic65
    Dont name your fish after dead rock stars-my kids tried that, and all the fish croaked! Sid killed Nancy, then he died, Jim was the only one to croak--Bill and Robbie and Ray were all healthy, and Jerry committed suicide by leaping out of the tank! He had a big smile on his little face,, tho--who knows what he got into before the leap??
  13. by   nicola
    So I guess I have to throw out River Phoenix, Elvis and Belushi as options? My friend, Lauren, has a betta named Sushi!!! I'm amused, but think that's cruel...