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I have read this bb for many weeks now and after much consideration i am thinking about starting a new nursing organization that accepts us all from student nurse to doctorate nurses. I will need... Read More

  1. by   res04lly
    When the rallies are over can you e-mail me and tell me how to get started, what needs to be done to get the same bills here that you have there? I would really like to begin something like what you are doing here and i would appreciate any information, help or directives you can give me on how to start. Thank you for your responses i feel like maybe i can make a difference here.
  2. by   Level2Trauma
  3. by   res04lly
    Wildtime88 and Level2Tramua thank you for your responses. Level2 thank you for the link but it really doesn't help me- I am an Lpn the ANA does not accept my practice and that's a barrier for me.Wildtime88 i have read your stuff on the ANA anyway to break down the barriers? Lpn's work right next to you in the work place and you accept us, do you think you could make some changes with the ANA too? I am willing to do what it takes to see what i can do to help the cause not hurt it, and I want to be apart of the cycle that causes change. If it makes things easier for the R.N.'s than it makes things better for me too. I appreciate everyone's responses because FiestyNurse has open a doorway that i maybe able to help in. I still need all kinds of information and help from everyone so keep the information coming.
  4. by   cmggriff
    I was looking for crap. I want an application to SMNW.
  5. by   canoehead
    I'd like to become a member of the HGRSG, could start a full chapter at my hospital.

    Have you read the post "what freaks you out" by kday? I couldn't get through half of it, and to this day when I think of certain entries it make sme sick.

    Going to visit Ralph and Beulah right now.
  6. by   HotSpam
    I need to apologize,

    Just because I didn't take the original post very serious doesn't give me license to be ridiculous. I am sorry for making jokes in the middle of what "should be" a serious post.

    I've watered down your request for ideas res04lly and I will attept to me more courtious in the future. Sometimes I think I am too big for my britches.

  7. by   res04lly
    Apologies accepted I need to also apoloize to you for being so emotional, i really would like what ever information, experience ect that you might have to offer and i promise not to bite your head off. Just want to help out with being part of the solution, not part of the problem