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I was wonding what is done in yuor hospital for parents who lose their babies. Like support groups, pictures, hand and foot prints ect. And do you let the parents hold and bond with baby before and... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    Something else: if EMS picked up a mom with a baby that premature, it would be a code three transport with respiratory support, etc. even if the baby were breathing on its own. I guarantee the medics would have been scared to death of something that small and would have hauled hiney.
  2. by   prmenrs
    I agree that your description doesn't seem logical.

    This is something HE must deal with, WITH THE HELP OF A QUALIFIED THERAPIST.

    You can be supportive, but insist that he gets professional help. He needs to resolve this, you can't fix it for him.

    He can get more factual info from the MDs that treated the child and, possibly, the social worker(s) attached to the unit where the child was cared for. That might help give him more factual information, but he still needs counseling.

    Encourage him to get help. Don't hypothesize what happened to the baby, just continue to tell him to go to counseling. Perhaps you can research available grief counseling in your area to give him the resources he needs.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    There should also be grief counseling just for occasions like this in your area. Check with your local hospital/labor and delivery unit to be linked with a support group and meetings nearby.
  5. by   Trs024
    I am so amazed with this story. I plan to apply (again) for a nursing program soon but its so hard. My heart and passion is in babies and my biggest desire is to work in the neonatal. I just cant seem to get there. I hope to hear more about how this works out.
  6. by   GiantHeart21
    Thank you to everyone for the responses!! I was thinking that mom was very likely to have been more than 20 weeks along for the reasons that were mentioned. EMS did haul hiney but they were not called till after baby was fully delivered hance the 15 mins, baby was not intibated but it was lights and sirens code 3. And his family feels the sam as nursecriss about him having another child and that helping. I too agree but we are not at that point.