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Take action! Complete survey and help design new nursing uniform July 4, 2003 -- The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is asking nurses to complete a 5-minute survey it is... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Same problems here too . . Internet Explorer
  2. by   fab4fan
    I think there are better things for students to be doing than this. What a waste! I got booted out in the same areas, too.
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  3. by   rebel_red
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    I like the idea of hot pants and halter tops myself.
    Tom, You have the legs for that? You first.....

    Us never!
  4. by   Furball
    fatigues and helmets...then enter pts rooms yelling

  5. by   WhyO
    Hi all,
    I HATE scrubs... well, not HATE, I like that they are very easy to care for ...however I think (I) we look crappy in them. I feel as if the only people who look decent in them are the nurses that LITERALLY weigh 110 and are 5'9 or those fortunate male nurses with broad shoulders... I am an average sized person but in scrubs i look like a short gunnysacked mumu wearing mama... I would REAALLLY like to see scrubs modified to be more form fitting and flattering for various body types. It is virtually impossible to find fitted scrubs (far and few between)... NO, i cant sew
    thanks for listening to me vent... p.s. i would really like to see what this "new improved" nursing uniform will look like!
    WhyO from Wyo
  6. by   funnygirl_rn
    I was booted out as well, Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  7. by   happystudent
    polyester with lots of buckles and zippers.........
  8. by   flowerchild
    I was unable to complete the survey as well. Same reasons as already posted.
    I really like wearing scrubs for the ease of care and wear BUT, they just don't do the nursing profession justice. I just returned from a wonderful vacation at the Naples Beach and Golf Club Resort and guess what all the maids were wearing? Teal scrub pants and coordinating print scrub tops. I thought to myself, no wonder we are treated as service type people and not professionals by patients and others. Too many non professionals wear scrubs IMO to differentiate us nurses as the professionals that we are. The cafeteria workers wear them, housekeepers, and others who don't even work in hospitals. Image is important here in the USA. People, unfortunatly treat others according to their dress in many situations. So we dress the same as the maid coming to scrub the john and wonder why we are not given the respect that we deserve. We really do need something that sets nurses apart from the migrant type service workers that I saw this past w/e. JMO. I still think the white lab coat/jacket worn by nurses gives an apperance of professionalism and when I wear mine, I get the respect that I should by my patients and others.
  9. by   SC RN
    Worked fine for me .. although the questions were kinda lame in some cases. Oh well ... only took a few minutes out of my day!
  10. by   altomga
    I had no problem taking the survey...only took a minute or so..
  11. by   flowerchild
    I went back to take the survey and it's working fine now.
  12. by   P_RN
    Something to set the nurses apart......oh I know that BIG SILVER bandolier that Worf wears on STNG.
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  13. by   nrw350
    flowerchild I believe you have hit the nail on the head with your post. But I have not idea what nurses can wear to set them apart from other service people that is professional looking and easy to care for, as well as not being too expensive. My guess is that scrubs are not that expensive based on the number of professions that use them.