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I am a new nurse (ADN) as of May 2006. I currently work in the Emergency Department. I am also taking classes for my BSN. I am researching hospitals that utilize weekend options, Baylor plans, and... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    Hi & welcome! I would love to find a work only weekends too! At my hospital you can work Fri, Sat, & Sun...36hrs...get paid for 36 hrs! W/only a 7% increase in pay.
  2. by   cheryn
    Actually, I am not interested in the money. I have chosen where I work because the atmosphere is right. I could earn more money and work 1 mile from home (I drive 40 miles to work) but the people there are very unhappy and I do not wish to work in that environment. You cannot have that many unhappy people in one place unless you have bad management. My primary reason for gathering this information is to complete a project I am doing for my BSN Leadership class. I also expect to be moving in the next couple of years and want to get an idea of what is available. If I happen to be able to find a pleasant environment and good pay,well, I would not object.