healthcare experience prior to nursing

  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering what kind of healthcare experience did you have before you became a nurse. And if not
    did you guys volunteer at a local hospital. Also, if you didn't have
    any healthcare experience did it make it alot harder while you
    were in nursing school.
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  3. by   NannaNurse
    I started out in the age of 2 1/2.....:roll
    I began with the American Red Cross and the US Army. Worked in Medical Records, OB, Women's Clinic in Germany.....
    Then as a Lab Assist. at Oklahoma Blood Institute/OKC...etc,etc..
    Actually, it all started as a toddler (not kidding) when I remember helping my Grandpa 'pull a calf' dream was to be a Vet, but as I got older (funny, I seem to have started that and can't stop it now......haha) I wanted to become a nurse. I love people and love helping them feel better.
  4. by   WashYaHands
    Volunteered at the local hospital working with the Lactation consultants in post-partum and NICU during school. I was a home health CNA for a bit during school. I gave birth to 3 babies prior to nursing school and took/take care of them (illnesses and all). All of these experiences helped me during school and I still draw from these experiences as a nurse.

  5. by   Jay Levan
    Did a year as an orderly got familiar with just what a nurses job was, where Psychiatric was concerned. Did E.R. rotation second year of school, got hooked, never looked back. Twenty nine tears later here I am still doin' what I've loved,cried over, hated, loved again, good times bad times. Sounds very much like a love experience, now my motto is "They'll have to kick me out, I won't leave voluntarily until it is my time to retire"
  6. by   nurs4kids
    worked about 4 yrs in Central Supply, 4 yrs as a Purchasing Agent in same hospital and one yr as a Unit Secretary. None of it was patient contact, but still made the transition much easier. Six years later, it still comes in handy. I had and have a ton of info stored on pricing and I am familiar with about any medical supply available. Sooo, I'm a bit more price conscious when, for instance, selecting IVF. Knowing there is very little difference in the price the hospital is charged for a liter bag vs a 250 or 500 cc bag, I often opt for the larger bag..usually saves the hospital AND patient money in the long run (ie; one liter bag is cheaper than two 250cc bags). Coworkers rely heavily on my knowledge of supply names and where they're located. It was neat when everything started to "click". For years I'd ordered and handled supplies w/o a clue on their use. The secretary position still comes back to bite me in the butt, because if we don't have a clerk, then guess who is nominated to "help"..along with caring for patients...but I don't really mind. The greatest thing about working all these positions prior to nursing is that I have a great appreciation for the ancillary departments and I'm a little more patient with them than the average nurse.
  7. by   JillR
    Started out as a CNA, then EMT, then EMT-Intermediate, then ER Tech and now RN. What is next, who knows!
  8. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Jay..thought I was the only one who even remembered orderlies, much less was one! Started in '68 as an orderly, then swithched hospitals and actually was promoted to nursing assistant all thru school until my senior year, became a nurse tech (same job descrition then as LPN) graduated and also have never looked amazing journey and I am still on it! Best decision I ever made was to become a Registered Nurse!

    best to all
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NONE---really. I was going to college after a 10 year stint in the Air Force. I changed majors from computer science to was a sudden revelation that I wanted to be a NURSE and CARE for PEOPLE.... (how cliche, I know). I wanted work in none other than OB. When I applied for nursing school, I had my associates', and the Director looked at my application and then at me and said: "What makes YOU think you will be able to get into MY program?"....(there was a huge waiting list and it was highly competitive to get into this program). I was stymied, but said the only thing that I could think of: "If I don't get in here, I will elsewhere...I am on a mission and I WILL be a nurse; whether it is through you or not is up to you. " (I was accepted and subsequently graduated). I went straight into OB; got a job from a manager who "wanted to mold an OB nurse of her own".

    How is THAT for a GREEN NURSE IN OB? It's all good... 5 years later, I love what I do with all that is in me! It truly was a "calling" for me. I never look back.
  10. by   micro
    1)day i was born............literally
    2)then when in junior and high school, candystriped.......boy did i date myself
    3)around people a whole lot due to parents avocation.......
    4)started nursing aide work before certification self again...
    5)then colleged for a few years........
    6)then out in day know london bridge is fallin down and mary had a little lamb.........micro imagine that.......
    7)then years with adults with various degree of mental retardation.........loved it.........but no $$$, always in my heart.....
    8)then nursing school in my second lifetime........
    and the rest microstory.........

    ---------every experience builds on another------------
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  11. by   Ted
    Originally posted by micro
    1)day i was born............literally
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  12. by   Ted
    Originally posted by micro
    1)day i was born............literally
    :roll :chuckle :roll

    After finding out that life as a full time musician wasn't going to pay all of the bills.

    Spent about a year a dietary aid (washed dishes) at a nursing home.

    Spent about a 1 1/2 years and an orderly at the same nursing home.

    Spent another 1/2 year as a physical therapy aid (ouch )

    Somewhere along the line got married.

    Did a three year gig selling home-made baked goods at the open farmers market in NYC. (That was a very cool job! Met Isaac Asimov - sp?)

    Tried to make it as a full time musician again (this time married)

    Decided that being a full time musician wasn't going to pay all of the bills.

    Went to nursing school.

    Agree with Micro . . . . . . .(notice the dots! ) "Every experience builds on another" . . . . . . (still more dots!) Great philosophy on life!



    P. S. I love being a nurse. And also do a lot of music on the side!!! Oh . . . . . I can pay the bills, too!