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I wanted to see what you all thought of this. I have had three interviews already for this position. I have two more interviews on Tuesday with another 30 people. Then I have another one with the... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    THanks Whitecaps. Did your friend get the job? I am not sure why other than they eluded they had a bad experience. The position has been vacant over a year. No one of the floor wanted it.

  2. by   Gardengal

    What a round of interviews you have survived! Now you get to see your unit leadership teammates......I once went through a similar round of interviews for a management position which had been vacant for a while (but 37 people sure beat my 17 in the 2 big group interviews). I discovered after I was offered the position that the MDs wanted to get my impressions on how to rebuild the team and how I could partner with them to do so.

    I would have been better prepared if I knew a little more about each individual doc up front, but did OK by letting them state their concerns first. i.e when one MD said that communication was a problem and how would I fix it-I returned with a question of "What do you mean communication: with patient's, between nurses. between disciplines or top down bottom up with administration?? I think my question back, interested in the particulars is what gained their support in my getting the position.

    I imagine since case management is involved in your interview process there is an issue of home care, hospice and placement of patients in which a collaborative approach is needed.

    I wish you well. It sounds like you have weathered the worst of it, and now they are looking for a good fit for unit leadership. Ask them questions about what they are looking for in a leadership partner, you might find your best information with that question.
  3. by   renerian
    Thanks gardengal for the tips!

  4. by   KatznKidz
    Renerian, Good Luck with the position! Where is it that you will be working???? :smile: I wish I had a manager like that now. I am getting ready to switch jobs as we get ready to move. I think that would be AWESOME to be under a manager that wanted to support you to become the best nurse that you can! Good luck with everything! Sounds like you have what they are wanting!
  5. by   renerian
    Thanks Katz. If I get the job I will be working on hem/onc. I worked on a floor like that for over 6 years. I loved it. I was going to be a lifer but I had two family members in one calander year diagnosed with cancer and go into hospice. I was their primary caregiver. I got a leave for my grandmother but since my dad was diagnosed within a calander year I could not get another leave. I just could not work anymore so I had to quit. When he died I came back but my position was gone. I think I have alot of knowledge whereas the other nurse has been a unit manager/head nurse but has no oncology experience.

    Thanks everyone for being so supportive.

  6. by   renerian
    WEll after meeting with 47 people to talk about this job I got an offer today. While I am very happy about the offer I thought the pay was low. I was told a staff nurse with my years makes 28.29 per hour. The head nurse, unit manager offer is only 30.25 which I think is low for all the headaches you would have???

    Okay what do you all think?????

  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    CONGRATS ON YOUR JOB OFFER! I think that is low pay, however I don't know what the going rate is for unit managers in ohio. Nor do I know about cost of living in Ohio. In my part of the world though I would consider it really low; just depends on how much you think you'd like the job to offset the relatively low pay.
  8. by   jnette
    Don't know either, Ren... couldn't even begin to say.... wages here are so low that this sounds pretty nice, RELATIVELY speaking, of course !

    Just wanted to to send you congrats for receiving the offer to begin with ! I knew you'd do it !!! Woooooooot ! Now... time for you and them to sit down at the negotiating table.... you let them know what you're worth... and why they should compensate you accordingly. Help them understand why they NEED you ! Congrats and let us know what decision you all come to !
  9. by   renerian
    THanks Jnette and Emerald. I am going to hit the sack early, enjoy the AC, take a bubble bath and think about. I feel bad for all the people without power. WE missed the area affected by about a 30 minute drive.

  10. by   Gardengal

    Congratulations on the job offer! Now for the tough part, deciding if you want their offer. The offer strikes me as low for 2 reasons:

    1. Didn't you say in this post somewhere that you had previously supervised 150 people? This wage sounds like an entry management rate and I would question that.

    2. If the staff are making $28.29, and you would make 30.25, that would only be a difference of around $150 per pay, not really worth it, unless this is the norm pay for management in your area.

    One thing that has happened in an effort to keep experienced bedside nurses at the bedside is to raise the pay. Before they did that any nurse who wanted the higher pay would leave the bedside and seek other positions....one of the reasons we have dissatisfied managers and not qualified managers..... It has caused us a quandary. My first management job I actually took a pay cut-went from one place with good Bedside pay to a lower pay scale for an entry level management position. I looked at it as my proving ground and a start. I do not regret the decision to take that job. This was in 1990. Now, when I look at what I would make in both jobs...I make 14,000 more in a management position now than I would make in a staff job in th esame market. So long term monetary gain was there for short term inequity.

    When I look at the wage difference for you though, it seems to me there is a significan wage compression. I would look at mid point of wage scale for the manager role and staff role. I am sure there is overlap, and just because you are an experience RN...they may want more track record for a manager to give you a higher wage.

    One of the biggest issues is salary vs hourly. The staff nurses getpaid extra for additional time, I imagine you will be salary. You would be making an equivalent wage to that experienced nurse working 5 extra hours...only you can make that decision.

    If youwant to take this and don't want to question the wage some questions you could ask are...would I be paid for hours worked over 40 hours/week? Typically those of us in management work closer to an average of 50 than 40hour/week (and thus even when we supposedly make more per hour really don't.) That would take it to an hourly wage less than the senior staff. How senior is your staff?
    The other questions I would ask are, will you pay to send me to a national conference? Is there more vacation time? When will I be eligible for an increase? Could this happen at 6 months rather than a year?

    It really depends on what you want. If you were committed enough to go through so many interviews it sounds that you are really committed to the change..Before you address the wage issue clearly define to yourself what would make it worth it, and stick to your guns. It's not a problem to take a job at that wage if you have a reason and are aware. It's another thing to take the job unhappy upfront about the wage because you will always be unhappy about the wage, and it will make bad days seem worse because you'll say to yourself..I'm worth more than this...they don't pay me enough to deal with this......

    Good Luck in your decision.
  11. by   LauraLou
    Congrats on the job!!!

    Are you going to make a counter offer? Many times the salary they first offer is low and if you come back with a higher number, they will often meet you in the middle.

    I took a job once at the salary they offered and after I had worked there for awhile, the HR person said "I can't believe you didn't ask for more money when you took this job." That really made me rethink how I approach job offers.

    Just a thought!
  12. by   renerian
    Thanks Garden and Laura. Yes I am going to ask for a higher wage as I think they are lowballing me LOL. I do want the job and will take it if they tell me that is there drop dead number.Thanks for posting and giving me your thoughts.

    I am calling her shortly.

  13. by   Tweety
    Renerian, congrats on the job offer. That's a lot of headaches. I can't comment on the salary because I don't know the area. That's about the going rate for a new manager down here. But you're up there and have experience. Ask for what you think you're worth.

    Good luck!