1. This message just breaks my heart. It is from a fellow RN. I'm not familiar with HCA. Perhaps some of you are?

    Posted by RN on Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 00:00:52


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  3. by   sjoe
    Well, since she didn't say whether this was an 401(k), a 457 plan, a private pension plan, an IRA, etc. there is no clear way of knowing how to advise her.
    If the plan is run by a company like Fidelity, or ING/Aetna, for example, she could call them directly.
    Otherwise, my suggestion would be to contact an attorney that deals in labor law for a low-priced initial consultation, and take all her retirement plan paperwork with her.

    I sent her email to that effect.
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  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    Good ole Columbia Hospital (Now known as HCA following their Medicare fraud conviction). The same corp that opened its own temp agency, and who only uses its own agency nurses, at a lower rate of pay than other agencies.

    Columbia/HCA.......the spawn of hell.

    But, I guarantee the HMFIC's are making money hand over fist.

  5. by   nightingale
    A sad story...