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Hi, I always thought that I would become a nurse. I have always been a caring, compassionate, loving people person. I have always been fascinated by the human body and mind. I thought that the... Read More

  1. by   Kayzee
    Nursing is difficult, I won't deny that. I have worked LTC and just recently tried med-surg at a teaching hospital. I loved all I was learning, but the pace was way too much for me. I'm now interviewing for a clinic position. Money may be less, but also less stress on the job. Anyway, I think you need to realize that there are so many diff. areas you can work in. The field is wide open. You sound like you have the qualities to care for people and you can do that in many ways. Go with what your heart tells you. Besides nurs. there are many related fields in the medical field. Good luck with any decision you make.
  2. by   Teshiee

    Why do you let other people's opinions deterr you from what you may want to do? When I was working as a unit secretary and one of the midwives over heard me speaking to a RN about being in the LVN program she put her raggedy uninvited 2 cents about how I am wasting my time and that LVN'S have less opportunities! I quietly listened and responded that going to to school to better my situation from what it is now is a good thing. I don't have shuffle papers for you anymore is a step up! No matter what we nurses do it will always be a debate on LVN/RN, ADN VS BSN it is a mere opinion we have based on our reality in our surroundings!!!! I know what my overall goal are and I will not let anyone or thing keep me from doing them because someone has a wild hair up their ass! Go for what you want to do!
  3. by   JonRN
    RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my best advice to you.
  4. by   montroyal
    The best advise to you is to volunter in whatever situation you want to work as a nurse. Do it at several facilities in your area. This will give you a idea of what it will be like when you get your degree. Some people love there jobs, some do it for the money and some do it becaused they are trapped.( A degree takes alot of time , money and effort.) Alot of people regret becoming a nurses because of the enviorment they work in,but will not change the enviorment. See what it is like in your area!
  5. by   CMERN
    Justysmom....nothing in life is "IDEAL"....Reality always feels different than the dream looked. Follow your heart. Believe me Nursing is FOR REAL!!!!!!!!....with all its accolades, and all the "negativities"...:wink2:
  6. by   gambroRN
    Low pay, high stress, working weekends and holidays, putting up with dirty old men (and some young ones), being shouted at, being talked about, being talked down to, MRSA, bioterrorism, and...............helping someone to die with dignity, holding someones hand, easing someones pain, listening, laughing, crying, witnessing miracles...........that is what keeps nurses in nursing. Good luck in whatever you decide. God Bless!
  7. by   shabookitty
    hey justysmom,
    I know what you are feeling. I will be beginning Nursing school in January. This is my second degree. I pray sometimes that I am not making a mistake. But life is so short, I am willing to take a chance. What do I have to lose? Stay in a job where I am unhappy for the next 20 years or try something else that I love? I was raised by a family that believes you earn your degree, get a job using that degree, and stay there forever...I disagree.
    First and foremost, nursing is a passion...and yes there is that "voice" that leads me to it...Hang in there. At least give the first semester a try!
  8. by   OhNatasha
    Hi Julie,

    I've been thinking about becoming a nurse too, though I'm just at the stage of applying to nursing school. I've heard lots of discouraging news myself about how tough the working environment can be and have had some second thoughts, but the theme that has kept coming up in everyones' replies to your posting about following your heart, and about us young nurses building the future of the caring profession really strike home for me. Thanks for writing about your fears - because they were mine too!

    Also, thanks to every one who's replied - it's really awesome to hear nurses speaking. I just stumbled on this website tonight for the first time, and it's so great to hear your voices! I can't wait to see you all out there!

  9. by   JUSTYSMOM
    Hi everyone,

    I appreciate all of your wonderful responses. I stumbled onto this board in my quest to find information about the nursing profession.

    I have come to rely on these boards for experiences and knowledge from nurses in the trenches throughout the country. I find in "YOU" to be the most intelligent, brutally honest, funney, caring and yes some are nasty & bitter nurses ...

    I can't say that these boards will be the ultimate decision making for me. But it has given me a sense of caution to say the least.

    However, I will do a lot of soul searching and I am sure I will eventually follow what my gut says..."nursing, nursing, nursing"

    Thanks and love

  10. by   LoisJean
    Julie--Please keep us posted and let us know what you decide.

    Lois Jean
  11. by   sbic56
    You are very wise to give this alot of thought. There is a huge amount of bickering that has always gone on about the worth of LPN's in nursing. The main reason I went on to get my RN after 12 years as an LPN was because I was tired of hearing how inferior I was as an LPN while basically performing in the same capacity as an RN. I was amazed at the "respect" I now have as an RN. I am the same nurse but those darn different initials make too much difference in the eyes of some patients, most administrators and many peers. It is not all that much more of an investment to go ahead with getting your RN from the start....and well worth it for the respect and pay you will receive for the extra effort. Best of luck in whatever you decide!
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I went into nursing school before boards like this existed. I HIGHLY doubt anything negative here or anywhere else would have swayed my decision one bit. WHY?

    Maybe cause I am "old"....I graduated nursing school at age 34 and knew myself and my mind very well. Maybe because I am not one to let naysayers affect my life decisions and change what I know is the true me. Maybe because I look for positive as well negative in everything, not just nursing, but in life...... Maybe because I KNEW I wanted to be a NURSE badly enough....Maybe a touch of insanity .....(just kidding)....Please,
    let me relate something encouraging to you:

    When I applied way back in 1994 for RN school, the director (who had quite an evil reputation) peered over her glasses at me. Said, "what makes you think you will get in MY program? I have had over 100 applicants so far I will only take 30. What makes YOU think YOU stand a chance?". Now if ANYthing could discourage a person from nursing, this could. And that school was the only RN training in town.......

    I just said to her, " I know I want to be a nurse...have for a while and if it's not here I get my training, I will get it elsewhere at another time. I won't let you stop me". And I walked out, shaking and upset. I was rejected that year. Now I had no option to move somewhere else, being military, I was quite stuck if I wanted to be a nurse anytime soon...so....

    I reapplied the next year, still knowing what I wanted to do. Was accepted. Rest is history. I am glad I persisted. I have found my "niche" in nursing and KNOW this is what I was meant to be. I agree the with poster above who said it is a PASSION. It should be; if not, you won't make it. You will burn out fast.

    But once in, you can do whatever kind of nursing you want, work when you are able/and/or want to, and enjoy it. I sure do. I wish you well in your decision-making. Don't let negativity here or ANYWHERE get you down; if this is what you WANT feel the burn and go for it and you will be GREAT! Good luck!
  13. by   oramar
    Someone posted about studying for sonographer, they made it sound really inviting. Wish they would pop in here and post again.