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Hi all, My 2 year old cat had a urinary obstruction this weekend. He was in the hospital until Monday afternoon with a catheter and IV fluids. I worked Monday night but he had supervision at home. He... Read More

  1. by   G to The P
    Animals become part of the family, so i wouldn't feel guilty calling in sick. You made a good choice.

    Hope your cat gets well soon!
  2. by   bubblymom373
    I haven't had to yet but I would do it in a heartbeat !
  3. by   Becca608
    After all the years of love, companionship and carpet stains, I would have to be with her if was serious. I was afraid of losing her last year, but fortunately they were able to put her on Rimadyl to alleviate her symptoms. I am grateful for the extra year I got with her after 1 long horrible night (terrified that she was going into CHF) with no money (broke studnet) or credit card to get assistance at the emergency vets (sorry, we have to have a credit card for treatment--fools!). She's still my darling, but I am more aware now that I may lose her.

    I'm sorry--would I call in sick? Not my first choice--I would try to get someone to cover for me first. But an emergency is an emergency and there is just really me to handle it.
  4. by   prettyrio
    He died already when I get home!
    I miss my baby, He's name is marti a talking mayna bird.

    :zzzzz :zzzzz :zzzzz
  5. by   middleageNP
    A death of a pet IS a "death in the family" for me. I have my human kids and I have my hairy kids. Would you leave you children sick at home without anyone to care for them? Particularly if they have head injuries? But of course this depends on how strongly you feel about animals. For me, having a pet is committing yourself to caring for a living thing that depends on you. My dogs and cat are my other children.
  6. by   rnin02
    I haven't had to yet, thank god, but I totally would. I had a coworker who left work early once to help her mom whose dog had died. Pets are family too!
  7. by   justme1972
    I've called out sick for my dogs before...one I was about to leave, took him out to "do his business" and he came back with blood all over his rear...sorry, that is a pet emergency!

    I was very honest about it...and I look at it this way...it's perfectly legit, if you don't take your animals to the vet during a bona fide emergency, technically, you can be charged with animal cruelty
  8. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    No. I haven't even called in but once in the past 8 years and that was the morning my aunt passed away. Calling in just puts too much pressure on the other staff.
  9. by   pixlpn
    yes, I called off work one night when my golden retriever was giving birth. My DH could'nt handle it so someone had to be there with her. She's my baby. Turns out she only had 2 and kept both of them. one big family.
  10. by   rnanm
    Our pets are a member of the family and I would not hesitate to put one of them first if the need were there. I do however have a network of pet loving colleagues and we provide vacation care, medical care and emeregent care as needed. We cover each others shifts and find this service is invaluable. Might I suggest you look around your unit and see if you could initiate one for yourself.
    Hope your Kitty improves.:smilecoffeecup:
  11. by   RNperdiem
    Very interesting post and responses. I wonder what the responses would be like if posted in other countries outside the USA.
    I remember a friend of mine from Korea who just didn't get the concept of pets. Animals that live in your house seemed a strange and unhygenic concept.
  12. by   TRAMA1RN
    I would call off, you should not have to give explaination.
  13. by   Sheri257
    I would have called out sick but, didn't because I needed to work so I could pay the vet bill.