Have Got to Get Out of this Place!!!

  1. How would you like to work in a place that used Med Techs and then allows them to be unsupervised for a shift and a half --as assistant supervisor you warn your supervisor that this is dangerous and offer to come in on these shifts as needed only to essentially be ignored. Then to have scandalous behavior uncovered (i.e. prostitution/narcotics theft) occur amongst staff, who are under your direct supervision, and have upper management keep everything hush and try to implement supervision as you warned about and suggested to begin with.
    I'm so angry--I refuse to jeopardize my license!
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  3. by   bargainhound
    So, what did you do?


    Report to state?

    Report to ombudsman?

    Is this a nursing home?
  4. by   Luv2banurse2004
    Well someone came forward to upper mgmt. They have basically told me that they won't go into details with me and that an investigation has been opened. All of these developments have just come about. This is a nursing home and now I'm being asked to change my shift and job duties for several weeks d/t numerous terminations. I have not yet resigned but I have an interview next week and will actively be looking for another job. The stress behind all of this has had me extremely on edge!
  5. by   prmenrs
    I strongly suggest you write down what you actually witnessed/have otherwise documented. It sounds as if this could wind up in court someday, and you'll need to remember what happened--specifics!
  6. by   bargainhound
    Also, be professional and do your job. Make sure you document
    your work and protect yourself.
  7. by   Luv2banurse2004

    I was just offered a position on a Palliative Care Unit where I will work while I return to school soon! They are willing to be flexible as to days, etc. and to pay to help me get through school!

    Meanwhile, can't wait to give notice to current employer. I could write a book about with all the antics that go on in that place. The morale is extremely low and its very unpleasant to go to work daily. The last straw was when one manager was allowed to stay home x2 days to work on stuff that can be done in the office if they would bypass the long lunches and lollygagging in each other's offices. Of course this left me buried in work! Then I'm offered Director position on another unit to "run the unit"--for the same pay. But as I was told "It will look good on your resume." I'm doing 150% while other managers talk on their cells in the office (we have a very small mgmt. staff BTW) and shoot the breeze for at least 85% of the day. Sorry to ramble...I'm writing that book aren't I?
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    Quote from Luv2banurse2004
    I'm so angry--I refuse to jeopardize my license!
    It's good you've gotten out of this place.
  9. by   Luv2banurse2004
    This just leaves me to wonder since I'm a newbie nurse--what's the worst nursing job you've ever had?