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I was wondering if anyone has read any of the books written by Echo Heron. She is a gifted writer, and I have loved her books (Intensive Care, The Story of a Nurse; Condition Critical, The Story of a... Read More

  1. by   BabyRN2Be
    Maybe we could get her to do something like a chat for her fans from allnurses.com? That would be pretty darn awesome... although, she'd probably charge for something like that; if that's the case, I wonder how much she charges?

    It would be fun to do a chat with her though...

    Happy Birthday to me! :hatparty:
  2. by   Truly_Blessed
    I just finished Intensive Care: Story of a Nurse...and I read it faster than any book I have ever come across. It really made me laugh, and I also found myself crying. I have just started Condition Critical and hope it's as good as the first. I ordered Tending Lives from overstock.com...waiting for it to come in the mail. Yay! Extremely interesting reads.
  3. by   KacyLynnRN
    I have read all her nursing related books and loved them all. Would read the fiction ones too, but I am not much of a fiction reader. I wonder how she would like the new nurse/patient ratios recently enacted in California, since that's where she's from?? Just a thought... :spin:
  4. by   nursecandi
    I read Echo Heron's books a while ago...like many others have said here, these books are what solidified my dream of being a nurse (although it has taken me several years later to finally pursue it!).

    Tending Lives is one of the best books I've ever read about nursing. It took me through so many different emotions (cockroaches, anyone?), and it really makes one see how many incredible people there are in this profession and why it is so worthwhile, even with all of the issues. At least it did for me, anyway! Happy reading!
  5. by   Owney
    I read "Critical Care" and "Tending Lives." Heron's career is very much like mine. She worked for 17 years and I worked for 22, mostly ER. In "Tending Lives" each chapter is the story of nurses working in different specialties. The most telling chapter is "Echo Heron", a minute-by-minute of her last bedside shift. She taught me that the longer I stayed at the bedside the more certain I would be when the moment arrived that I could no longer do it. Echo's moment came in 1994, when she ended her shift and NEVER looked back. My moment came last year when my boss decided it was less trouble to suspend, fire, and blackball me, and then file a complaint on my license than to address my written complaints of harassment.

    Anyone thinking about entering the profession, and everyone having second thoughts about it should read her non-fiction books. Talk to nurses who have five years' experience, since 85 per cent leave the profession by then. The more we know about quality care, the more frustrated we are with the virtual impossibilty of providing it.

    Like Heron, I intend to keep up my license and ACLS. Like her, I pray every day that I will never again have to use them.
  6. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Just last week I finished reading her book Tending Lives: Nurses on the Medical Front. It was a great book, as many other posters have said. I was not sure about the other two books because they are older, but now I'm going to get them since everyone seems to give them a postive rating. Thanks!
  7. by   MichaelSSSS
    I liked the one ofher books I read - I forget the title. I thought she was pretty good but a bit holier-than-thou.
  8. by   Chevelle
    This is amazing!! I had just ordered the books from Amazon myself and then decided to swing over here and see if there were ever any discussions on her & the books....and look what I come across!!!

    I guess great minds think alike!!!!!!
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