Has anyone noticed the # of guests we have on the bb? - page 3

I was just looking and it showed 65 guests and 31 users. All I can say is WOW! Ok, stop hiding and post already. We can't get to know any of you if you keep on lurking!:D... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    watch out Sarah, it's addictive!!!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I never "lurked" here. I just jumped in and went with it.
  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    Maybe some are still waiting for their account to be activated? I had to wait 3 days for mine to be up and running!
  4. by   RNIAM
    I didn't know that. That seems like a very long time to wait. I know when I became a member eons ago I hit the submit button and I was posting in about 10 minutes. I guess some things have changed.
  5. by   Jenny P
    I lurked for a long time before I joined.

    Sometimes I just want to read, I don't always agree with other posters; sometimes it's important to put in my 2 cents; many times it isn't.

    I've been here a long time; lately the climate has changed and I don't feel like talking as much anymore.
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  6. by   kermit27
    Okay, I'm new too, but this is also the first BB I'd ever "joined", and so it took a while to get the hang of etiquette and technology! Once I realised I was technically a "lurker" I decided I'd better introduce myself!

    Also, felt a bit intimidated as y'all seem to know each other so well and I didn't want to butt in!

    Good thing those avatars are there; it makes it easier to recognise people.
  7. by   RNIAM
    Welcome and I hope you really get alot out of this site. There is so much to look at here. Enjoy and if you need anything or if I can help you with anything please feel free to pm me.
  8. by   frannybee
    Originally posted by Jenny P
    I've been here a long time; lately the climate has changed and I don't feel like talking as much anymore.
    I second that. My mother always said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, or at least wait til their back's turned". Happens a lot here.
  9. by   RNIAM
    To those that have come on out, welcome and to those that prefer to lurk I hope you find something that interests you enough that you'd like to join in. Please pm me if you want to post but your unsure how to , or maybe just to practice pming someone. It took me awhile to get the hang of this forum and there are still things I don't know.
  10. by   Disablednurse
    It is discouraging when you continue to post and do not get answers or responses to your post. That happens frequently. The ones who have been here for a longer time will talk to each other but don't always respond to the newer posters. I love to talk, but like to have someone to talk to.
  11. by   RNIAM
    I do understand what your saying. I have had posts go unanswered as well. Sometimes I prefer to look at the numbers of people reading my posts rather than the replies. People have limited time and might be able to read your post but may not have time to respond.
  12. by   gwenith
    I agree that not having a reply is discouraging especially if it is something you have written yourself i.e. a "humour story". I try to answer posts simply to give the feedback.

    There has been occasion where a clinical question has been raised and no-one feels competent to answer it - happened with a neuro question recently and one of the mods kindly "reactivated" the thread so that it would stay "visible" in the active section until someone with the requisite knowledge/exerience could answer.

    Don't feel discouraged by no answers - it just might be that no-one feels they CAN answer or you might have phrases the post in such a way that there is no answer. Sometiimes when the board is "jumping" threads will move very quickly down the "active" list and once they are on page 2 or 3 fewer people will see them and respond to "reactivate" the thread. I have found that the threads that get the most reposnses are, understandably, those that anyone can have an opion on - i.e. overweight nurses, bad teachers, funny charting entries - funny things patients have said and of course revolting food.
  13. by   HannasMom
    I have been "lurking" for several weeks now. Decided to join tonight and it only took a few minutes. I have really enjoyed the posts and come back daily to read the boards.