Has anybody seen...?

  1. Has anybody else seen the current poll question on monster.com? The bulletin board is interesting, too. Maybe some of us need to put our 2 cents' worth in!
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    Would you mind giving us a link? Thanks!
  4. by   New CCU RN
    A link would definitely be great....

    What is the poll about? (I'm assuming some nursing related topic..)
  5. by   wv_nurse 2003

    its on the main homepage--just a question about the nursing shortage
  6. by   New CCU RN
    AHA>>>I voted.....

    How could someone say no?
  7. by   wv_nurse 2003
    ohhhhh--but did you go to the message board (the link is at the bottom of the "results" page---YIKES!!! not sure I want to wade into those waters!!
  8. by   New CCU RN
    I'll go check em out I didnt see that....
  9. by   New CCU RN

    wishing I hadn't....some of those posters are just plain ignorant.
  10. by   wv_nurse 2003
    yepper--just juvenile--but some of the posts were insightful, and surprisingly, the same name might show ignorance in one place, and the glimmer of intelligent thought in another!
  11. by   Repat
    Thanks for the interest, everyone! I was wondering how anyone (not least, 42%!!!) could vote 'no'. The bulletin board is pretty scary, i some ways!
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The 42% that said "no" probably have not needed much in the way of health care nor are actively involved. When not personally affected, we tend to ignore certain issues til they hit us where we live. I wager that group will see things differently when a loved one or themselves are hospitalized and have a hard time getting a nurse to tend to their needs cause of staffing shortages.
  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Messages copied from Monster.com


    Author: Chemsplash - 3/5/2003 - 8:48:36 PM [

    Someone implied that Nurses themselves are cause of the 'shortage'. Boy, nothing could be further from the truth. We shout from the rooftops that it's a major health industry 'scam'. They claim 'shortage' that gives them an excuse for not hiring the appropriate number of nurses needed. Works out finacially well for the hospitals, NOT Nurses. The only 'shortage' is in Nurses who no longer are willing to put their licenses and patients lives on the line! Way too dangerous a proposition.
    And that great $55 -$60 salary in ONE hospital quoted. That's FAR from the norm. Bonus and retention monies - yet another scam. Divide that cash per hourly rate and the mutilple year contract you have to honor - amounts to a couple of bucks per hour - temperarily.
    Take in account the degree and license requirement,little or no pension, continuing education demanded, and the litigious responsibility - it's quite a stress filled, WOMENS profession. In other words, one that is at a stalemate.

    Of course, a nurse KNOWS what the particulars are before entering the profession, the hours, the danger, the stress, the forced long hours. One must wonder why that means one can't work to IMPROVE the situation! Earning an appropriate salary does not exlude the ability to have compassion for people. I, for one, refuse to sit back and continue to take what the all powerful health industry would like us to take. You know, be a 'quite, good little lady' while they earn the millions.

    Anyone seen the CEO salary of the Tenet Hospitals. Something like $4 million with another $111 in 'stock options'! What! And people want to keep the 'cost'of Nursing under control!

    Nurses are the very foundation of hospitals. They could not operate without us. Plain and simple, like it or not. Time we seized the day and tell the general public just it is we actually do during a most vulnerable time in theirs lives. We have power in numbers and are finally starting to be heard.

    Just because one hires nurses doesn't mean one has the insight on exactly what the job intracies mean to the person who is acutally performing the job. Being on the outside looking in - well I think that is a disadvantage.

    Why not HEAR what Nurses are saying in lieu of judging. I say go for what YOU can ear, but why the heck dtry to keep our profession down!
    Author: melikeylikey - 3/6/2003 - 12:58:41 AM

    Yes, our nurses make $55K to $60K and I know that is not the norm, but we have decided to pay our nurses fairly and we value the work they do. We have many nurses who relocate to work at our hospital. You may want to consider the same if "the man" is keeping you down. I hardly think sign-on bonuses and retention bonuses are scams. They work and many nurses have told me they are appreciated and that when looking for jobs, they look for places that offer both. We have offered these for 10 years now and will probably still pay the same in the future. If you have to break it out to an hourly figure to make yourself happy, then do so. Whatever it is per hour, you will probably never feel like it is enough anyway. Everybody always wants more and more, it's human nature. On top of these programs, we also have incentive pay programs based on patient satisfaction and we do many recognition programs for our nurses as well. sounds like the nurses where you are need some programs like this from your disgruntled comments. While it is mainly populated by females, we also have many male nurses so your short-sighted comment that it is a WOMEN'S profession is demeaning to all the male RN's out there. shame on you. If you knew what you were getting into, then why did you go into it? Try to change things rather than complain. forewarned is forearmed. do execs make big bucks? you bet your butt they do, but don't presume to think that the job duties for CEO and an RN are the same. Our CEO used to be an RN and worked her way up through the ranks. It's the American way baby! In addition to hiring nurses, I was also a STNA for 3 years during my undergrad and worked side by side with RNs, LPNs, Clinical Nurses, Nurse Practioners, etc. so I am not on the outside looking in. I know firsthand what nurses do and I appreciate their hard work so don't be so presumptious. continue to do your work and take advantage of the numbers as you have pointed out. put some of your hostitility to work for you and redirect your posts to something that could help your profession. God knows they need it because if I have to hear one my whiny butt crying "it's not fair", I', gonna shove my foot up some RN's butt and say 'DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!" learn a new song or do something about it or consider another profession if things are so bad for you (stay away from any profession that requires spelling as a core competency). and don't worry about the nursing shortage, there are plenty of people from other countries taking advantage of our nursing training programs that would love to have you job at half the pay. the only people that can change thing are the nurses so band with your sisters (and your BROTHERS) to change things. in the end, look to yourselves to stop from keeping yourselves down. it's kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And if I have to hear from one more nurse that they go into the profession to help people, I'm gonna strangle somebody. They went into for THE MONEY. Unless your Florence Freaking Nightengale, you went into the field to earn a living. And as far as compassion, I have seen many RN's that should have never gone into the field. These Nurse Ratchets of your profession with horrible bedsides manners who like to steal meds, abduct babies, and abuse patients really give the whole profession a black eye. So consider your options. Don't know about your own personal situation, but there are always options. Just like you will probably capitalize on the option to respond to this post with either the same song or demean yourself by being rude. Or, you could suprise us all and respond in a nice "good little lady" fashion and show us all the nice, happy, bright and chipper RN attitude that you display to your patients every day. Good day to you!


    My impression from the posts there is that Melikeylikey works in HR..... think burnout is showing.

    How about we send Vegas' purse to visit Melikeylikey
  14. by   Repat
    NRSKarenRN - thank you!!! I am not savvy enough to cut and paste like that. I thought Chemsplash was pretty eloquent in stating the salient points. Melikeylikey definitely sounds burnt out - glad I don't work there, no matter how many sign-on bonuses are offered!