Hard working moms

  1. I am sitting here watching Oprah on the tube (uh-oh_ )

    This particular episode is about women and working full time...many feel that they are unable to spend enough time with their children due to work.

    How many of you feel the same way? Does your schedule get in the way of holidays, football games, and dance classes? Are you able to see your child off to school or spend time with them at night?

    Have any of you changed your hours due to raising kids?
    What is it like for some of you new nurses out there?

    I always get into trouble when I watch oprah! haha!
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    I only work 2 days a week, and I feel like there are definately things that I miss. Granted, I make it to more than most, but in my mind, if I'm missing just 1 thing, it feels like too much to me.

    I work 7a-7p, 48 hours per pay. I really don't prefer to do 12's, but it works better that way. My son only needs someone else to take him and pick him up from school 1 day a week. If it's Monday, it's my mom. If it's Friday, it's his cousin. He's only with them for 2 hours until his dad picks him up, and he's with his dad on weekends cause hubby doesn't have to work weekends.

    I'd like to work more and make more money, but right now this is my priority.

  4. by   JedsMom
    I worked the Baylor Plan for about 11 months several years ago so I could be home during the week with my son. To help with homework, go to school functions, etc. He was in elementary school at the time. I finally quit that schedule when he asked me one night why was I always at work on the weekends when he was home and home during the week when he was in school

    I then took a major cut in pay to work a 9-5 week day job with holidays off so I could be there for him when I needed to be. I have never regretted it and we adjusted just fine to my salary cut.

    He graduates this May 2003 and then I don't know what I'll do with myself. Neither does anyone around me, including my husband

    Maybe I'll go back to the ER per diem. It'll keep my mind off of him being in boot camp.

    Wouldn't change the way we did it though. I got to be there for all the holidays, celebrations and special moments. I was very blessed.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hmmmmmm......"hard working" mom is a redundant term, if you ask me.....seriously.

    this is why i work "per diem".....around dh's schedule as much as possible so i can be the one to raise my kids....not a daycare center. Not looking for debate. It's my personal preference.....to each her own. Not everyone is cut out to stay at home...I am blessed in that I do have the choice. That said, I do think we can all agree ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOTHERS...whether they are employed outside the home or not! And most of the time, nurses do have the choice when/how much they work. That is a blessing!
  6. by   BadBird
    I've worked night shift since I had my children because :
    -I am only a phone call away if they get sick at school, I am there in 10 minutes.
    -I got up right before they came home, made them a snack, was there to help with homework, or after school appointments to dentist, dr. etc...
    -We eat dinner together as a family
    -My husband is here at night so they are never alone
    -When I went Agency I always have holidays off, special events at school, I do not miss anything.

    I know night shift isn't for everyone but it works for my family. I only work 3 days a week and that gives me 4 days off. Funny how when you are off sometimes you are busier than you are at work.
  7. by   BioRN
    I currently work 3-7hours days a week with a 3 hour per day commute in biological research. I have two children 8 and 12 years old. I am starting my core nursing classes in January. I feel that nursing will allow me more flexiblilty and a shorter commute. I also am looking forward to actually talking to humans while doing my job. I hope that I have not been mislead into thinking that nursing is a very flexible occupation. I plan on only working 6 months (hopefully part-time) for a hospital before going per diem after I graduate. Working with children at home or in daycare is very hard, but I have found that part-time and/or flexible scheduling can really help the balance. Also my children, are very proud of the fact that Mom is a scientist. Unfortunately, they both view nursing as a step backwards.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    nursing as a step backward....see that is the attitude we up against in our fight for respect as professionals.......i am not surprised. you do what works for you and forget everyone else. nursing is an ART as well as a SCIENCE....therefore you are broadening. tell HER that!
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    I am a student and I bust my butt to do well in school, and my kids do suffer for it. I started when my daughter was 15 months old. I dropped out for nine months when I had my son, and then returned to school when he was six months old. To help support the family and continue at school, I worked two minimum wage part-time jobs. I worked six days a week and went to school and somehow managed to successfully breastfeed my son. It was hell. I was very sleep deprived during this time, and lost nearly 15 lbs (wasn't complaining though). Now, I have quit the two jobs and just focus on school and kids. It is still hard to do, especially when working on a paper or studying for a test. I feel that school has taken a huge amount of time away from my kids and things that I could do with them instead of sitting them in front of the TV. But, there is an end in sight. I graduate in six months and will hopefully work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week.
  10. by   bagladyrn
    I worked full time from the time my son was several weeks old. Actually had no option, so made the best of it. Worked nights his whole life so that I could be home after school, and available during the day if needed. He seems to have survived well - never any major behavior problems, graduated from college and is now in the Navy. So I really don't think having a "working mom" (an oxymoron) scarred him. I have noticed however, that he tends to date strong, independent young women
  11. by   Y2KRN
    I work nocs, I get to be around for most things that are going on for my son with school and tae kwon do but it is still hard. On days I sleep I feel like I miss a lot with my three and a half year old. But, then I feel good when I can be at school to volunteer. I also have my mom now which I didn't when I went to nursing school in another state. I had a very supportive husband and I still do. His hours have gotton much better and he is home more than I am. I am just waiting for him to get a few more raises then maybe I can go per diem or part-time or not have to work at all.

    It's funny when I first got out of nursing school all I wanted to do was work. Now, that I have to work I would rather stay home!! I guess the grass is always greener.