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Our infection control nurse has told us that we are not allowed to bring in our own hand lotion for our PERSONAL use at work. We are suppose to use the stuff supplied by the facility. She says it... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    One point about petroleum based lotions and latex gloves:

    What is very important is this type lotion does break down latex PLUS it quickly LEACHES latex out of the glove and onto YOU.
  2. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I have heard of this problem, experienced this problem and still have a problem with hospital soap and lotions.

    When I worked in a civilian facility, they switched the soap that they used because of all the MRSA and VRE and psuedomonas running around the facility. The soap was heck on everyone's hands (they were still using all latex gloves at the time) 2 people ended up at the dematologist's office and hand to be prescribed special lotions and soaps (1 developed a nail fungus from the soap residue mixed with the power in the gloves the other ended up with a serious latex allergy from the mess) IC said that is we could prove that the soap was at the bottom of it all, we could bring our own in....we said does a ward full of nurses with hand problems qualify?? and she never said another thing....plus we all had our own lotion that we kept tucked away in our bags and used when we were all done with rounds or when ever we had washed our hands (you get the idea) so it was "soap on a roap and personal lotion" all around. Now that I work in a MTF, I ran into the same problem with the soap tearing the beegeebus out of my hands. Lotion of choice is Palmers cocoa butter when they are really bad. Cetaphil hand cream worked really well too. However as has been stated, lotions that contain petroleum can cause breakdown to the latex gloves....not a problem where I work as they have switched over to non-latex gloves...great for everyone else, bad for me...I'm allergic to them! So I have to A) be careful of the lotion I use or B) suffer with a lotion that is high in fragrance and kind to the latex.....The only thing that we have been told by IC where I am now is that the lotion can not be left out on the desk or counter top because sharing of any kind is an IC issue and a JAHCO violation. To help with soap troubles, we use a product supplied by the hospital called CalStat, which is an alcohol based, waterless hand sanitizer for inbetween uses, like before and after eating or when you can not get to a sink immediately..... we do not have a specific policy that I am aware of on this issue....and we changed soaps again.....an antibacterial gel that is both a hand/body soap as well as a shampoo for the patients....smells nice but I dunno if I would want to do a head to toe in it.....lol Oh the joys of handwashing, nurses and IC! I say check your infection control manual and the JAHCO regs on the lotion.