1. Saturday night I ran across the street to the deli to pick up lunch. While I was waiting for my order some people came into the store. When they came to the counter to pay, one of the women looked right at me and said "Ahhhh, you are wearing a stethoscope and everything, how cute" She thought that I was in costume for a Halloween Party, never mind the fact that we were directly across the street from a hospital.

    I just smiled at her and told her Happy Halloween. I guess we should be happy that people would want to go to a party as a normal run of the mill nurse and not just the naughty kind
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  3. by   saudi-nurse
    nice story
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    HA! That's funny.
  5. by   TazziRN
    Awwww, how cute....you want to play doctor!!! The lack of brain cells some people suffer from amazes me sometimes!
  6. by   lovingtheunloved
    Since I'm poor and mostly don't care about Halloween except for how much leftover candy I have since I buy it for trick or treaters and then, um...turn all the lights off...I went as a CNA one year. Complete with name badge.
  7. by   jill48
    2 years ago I was working on halloween and had on a big pink punk-rocker wig. One of my patients coded and I worked on him for what seemed like hours. The family was right outside. I had totally forgotten about my wig. I went out and told the family he was gone. It wasn't til a few minutes later I remembered the wig. I felt so bad, so unprofessional. I will never do that again.
  8. by   teeituptom
    Was she cute

    did you ask if she wanted to play patient

    Let the Democrats regain control, please lord
  9. by   dekatn
    Went to walmart today, the door greeter was dressed as, you guessed it, a nurse!!!! I thought about all the times I have thought about quitting and going to walmart to be a door greeter!!!!