Hairy Cell Leukemia

  1. Yo guys............

    Any info on this disease? I have googled and googled and even went to, but couldn't find a lot re: prognosis.

    Any takers?????

    I already posted it in the cancer nursing forum:
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  3. by   ChemoRN
    Hairy Cell Leukemia is one of the better in a class of really bad diseases. I mean leukemia stinks, but it usually carries a better prognosis than the acute leukemias and sometimes better than chronic ones. Of course, every rule has a rule breaker.

    check out that's the Leukemia Society Web site. They have downloadable patient information books that should be helpful.

    Unfortunately, your real question is how will this particular disease affect me or the person I care about who is dealing with this disease. No one can tell you that everything will be alright with 100% certainty. I will say a prayer for you that whatever connection you have with this disease will have a happy ending and that you will be surrounded by support.
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    shey -try -[/URL] i have a very close friend who developed hairy cell leukemia about 6 years ago - he was sucessfully txed with CD2 - continuous tx Xs 7 days - total remission since - recently his WBC count dropped and he is scheduled for bone marrow asp. MD says prognosis is good - 2nd tx with CD2. Have a clinic pt with Hairy cell, CD2 did not work well for him. he is taking thalodimide and rituxent - neither working well. i have also recently read in research articles that infliximab has been used in small sample studies for hairy cell tx. there are autoimmune associations with hairy cell - my friend developed "Sweets Syndrome" and a terrible case of arteritis of the legs - both txed successfully with prednisone po. these occurred pre - hairy cell tx. let me know if this helped - frankie:zzzzz
    PS the prognosis varies greatly - my suspicion is the autoimmune link frankie
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