1. The hospitals in the area here have a policy for all clinical staff and Docs...

    Hair must not be long enough to fall past the chin when leaning forward, or must be pulled back.

    While I completely understand the need for this, as hair in a wound site would be really dangerous to the patient, I was wondering, do you put your hair in a pony tail every day? or did you just cut your hair short?

    I just wondered how others manage this infection control measure

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  3. by   Marianne518
    Hi always start such great topics!!

    After about a month of having to pull my hair up for school, I decided to get it cut short. I guess I just don't have the time to fiddle around with it in the mornings, so for now shorter is better for me. Once I graduate, I'll probably let it grow in again.....find a new professional hairdo! lol
  4. by   SICU Queen
    I've done neither. My hair is long, has been for years, and pulling it up constantly breaks it (as I found out in nursing school).

    I wear mine down, and when it's time for a bath, wound care, or other similar type stuff, I pull it back with a scrunchie till I'm through. Keeps my hair off the patient and the patient off my hair!
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    lol I shaved my head in high school i was on one of the "my parents are stupid, and know nothing" trips. So, I shaved my head to make a point. (even though now, i realize how smart my parents are, and how they keep getting smarter the older I get )

    I came to college, and have been growing my hair out for 4 years I now have it a little past my shoulders. I dont really want to cut it, but pony tails get old after a while

    Im just wondering what others have done Curiousity kills many cats, but cats can have long hair

  6. by   BrandyBSN
    wow Queen! how long is your hair now?

    I would think about trying that, but the policies here are not just wound care, but ANY interaction, it cant be past your chin. But I like your idea better.
    Well, I used to have short hair (as evidenced by my pic), but I've been growing it out. The problem is, I'm soooooo used to not having hair flowing all around, that I can't stand it now. I ALWAYS wear it up for work, I just can't stand it in or around my face. Even if I attempt to wear it down (when I'm not at work), I always have a hidden scrunchie or clip with me, and up it goes.

    So I either need to get it cut short again, or invest in a more versatile collection of hair accessories.

  8. by   night owl
    This is something because I've been pondering about my hair for the longest time. I have long hair, but I never wear it down. I'm so used to wearing it up all of the time for work. When I let it down it looks like he** so I throw it back up one way or another. I'm not getting any younger nor do I have the patience to fuss with it. I'd love to get it cut, but I just don't know what kind of "do" I'd like to get. The short hair with different lengths looks sloppy to me, almost like you're always trying to get it to one length. The short pixie...well I look like a way! Remember that Dorathy Hamill thing back in the mid 70's? I wore that for a long time and loved it, but to have it now, I'd look like an older woman trying to look young. The wedge??? I'd look like a mushroom! My hair keeps getting longer only because I can't decide what it is I'm looking for. I have just about every scrunchie ever made!!! I used to french braid it, but my arms get so tired from holding them up trying to finish the braid. Many buns, french twists or just thrown up in a scrunchie. Poney tail?? I'm too old for that look. I thought of saying the h*ll with it and just shave my head and look like my little bald headed avatar guy. I hate washing it anymore, it's such a bothersome thing to do.....wash it twice, condition it, and then comes the combing...It's a pain in the butt and to think I used to wash it everyday. One of these days I'll just go to the "parlor" and tell them to do anything they want because I'm getting so aggrevated with it...And so it grows....
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  9. by   CC NRSE
    brandy,...yes alot of hospitals have policies about hair faling past your chin,...but i don't think it is always inforced. (at least where i have been). my hair is pretty long and i always wear is up. part of the reason being, don't ever know when you will be in the middle of a messy code or have an emergency and not have time to put your hair in a ponytail or pull it out of the way. for me,...i always seem to be the one in the middle of everything!!!!:d

    also, heather, hair must be pulled back away from my face. it really bothers me if it's not and i find myself always playing with it. at work that could be a really bad thing!!!! even though i wash my hands constantly,...sometimes it's just instinct and you do things without thinking!!! i always put it in a ponytail or up in a french clip!!!
  10. by   paigenp
    I was a nurse at a major cancer center in the past and I can tell you the advantages to wearing your hair up when you are surrounded by nauseated patients. My hair was in a bob at the time but has gotten longer as the years have past. I really like leaving my hair down if I choose but know the neccessity of pulling it for infectious reasons. Keep your hair the length you want! Agree with Heather-have fun with your hair accessories!!
  11. by   micro
    short very short............
    would probably wear it shorter if not for someone close to my choice.........

    they got it right Brandy.....such cool topics and questions.......
  12. by   jules-RN
    I like this question too.

    My hair before I started nursing school in 93 was all one length. Then in my 3rd year, I decided to get the "Rachel"-do. Couldn't stand it because I hated that I couldn't pull it all back because of the layers, so I grew it out.

    Then I got the itch to cut it again this past September. Cut it all off! It was short...very short. Way too short for I started to grow it out again. Right now it kind of looks like what Page on Trading Spaces has. It's not bad. I'm living with it while it grows out.

    Can't wait to be able to pull it up again!

    (Sorry for the edit...had a spelling error :imbar)
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  13. by   nursedawn67
    I have had my hair both ways, I hated the shorter do, it took too long to do. My hair is to the middle of my back now. I wash my air and while wet, I put extra conditioner in it and twist it good and use a claw clip to secure it. Occasionally I wear a pony or my daughter french braids it. Every now and then I wear it down and carry a scrunchie...but when I'm in a hurry and continuosly throwing my scope over my neck and taking it off, I get it all tangled up in my hair. above all I always make sure that my hair is never hanging over someone.
  14. by   GreytNurse
    Hi Brandy......keep your hair the way YOU want. Mine is rather long....past my bra in the back. I have about 50-60 different scrunchies, banana clips, about 100 different ribbons. I also 'spruce it up' with the different holidays, wearing the right color ribbon with the color of the holiday. My patients and other staff members always comment

    If your allowed to wear colored scrubs...which I'm not/can only wear all can find alot of matching hair access. that are really cute.

    I make my own barretts too....add cute little 'do-dads' and themes. When we were campaigning for the union, I wore union colors and made a hair clippie out of a union pin!

    Keep your hair the way you want..........AND ENJOY IT!!!!!!