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Hello fellow nurses. I'm a 21 year old male practical nursing student. I have worked in nursing for a little over a year now as a CNA and CMA. One think I have noticed is the very small percentage... Read More

  1. by   RNConnieF
    All this focus on gender makes me REALLY angry. When I graduated from high school in 1972 (ok, so now we all know I'm an old fart) I was told to not bother going to college as I would only get married and have kids. I raised my children girls and boys to believe they can be anything they want to be. I have a daughter who will start med school next year and a son who will start college next year, training to be a teacher. I work with both male and female nurses and I don't give a rat's a&* what the gender of my colleagues is, as long as they are good nurses. We have stopped asking about working with nurses of color, isn't time we stopped asking about working with nurses of certain gender?
  2. by   mark_LD_RN
    AMEN RNConnieF! could not agree more
  3. by   Rav_810
    I am a male nursing student in Australia. My good friend who is in my class is gay, but i have no problem with that. I can tell you guys, not all male nurses are gay. There is a general feeling in the world wide community, that males who enter nursing are gay, i think that in recent times the attitude has been changing. While i am studying i have been working with people who have, developmental disabilities. In the whole hospital there is only one gay man, and a very kind person to. I think as more men enter nursing things will change.
  4. by   happthearts
    Personally when I had hand surgery the best nurses I had was male. They had a tendency to listen more when I explained I was having medication trouble. I think the female nurse just thought I was being a female complainer. The male was the one who discovered that I had a problem with the Med's and checked my responses and told the DR.

    I also worked with a Male RN on night shift for 6 years in mental health ward .who was a body builder very macho Not Gay. He had a very good manor with the PT's firm but kind. He got in and helped me when necessary Even the females didn't mind because he was very proper and professional about how he did things. It was nice to know that he was there to back you up if you needed help. One of the best I every worked with.
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  5. by   RN IN ALABAMA
    Appreciate having a male nurse around. Why the question about his sexual orientation; we don't question "that" about male doctors. In fact, I thank doctors should first practice as nurses so they will stop making unreasonable demands on the nursing staff.
  6. by   AIS52
    When patients ask me if Nursing is a stop on the road to med school (and no, the gay question has NEVER come up), my favorite answer is "No thanks, I'd like to be around to watch my children grow up."

    Works like a charm everytime.
  7. by   MICU RN
    Most men when thinking of entering a profession that requires a college degree don't consider nursing because of the lack of pay, prestiege and autonomy. Many that come into it would much rather be the doctor but for various reasons they do not pursue it.
  8. by   Charity
    Until last year when my new working partner started, I was usually the only female nurse around. The OR nurses were all guys and my partner in PACU was male. I would send patients to ICU (male charge nurses and easily over 50% male staff) or to the ortho floors staffed entirely by male nurses on our track!

    My unit overall has about 30% male RN's employed. And 75% of the CNA's are male.
  9. by   lee1
    I for one would certainly welcome more males into our profession.
    It is about time as we NEED, MORE assertive RNs who are willling to stand up and fight for what is needed to keep this profession afloat. Since the majority have always been women who by nature are less assertive and demanding (possibly because they are heads of household, juggling home jobs and professional jobs, just too overwhelmed to focus on fighting for nurse's needs to advance the profession, etc)
    How can we attract more caring people to our profession when we constantly accept the working conditions that we work under without a fight????
  10. by   Tweety
    Our ER is loaded with guys, as is our ICU. On med surg there are fewer guys but they are out there. No one has asked me if I'm gay. I'm precepting a very straight male right now. I'm a bit disappointed in him and trying not to stereotype, but he is not very nurturing and only interested in finishing his orientation so he can quit, work agency, and start making lots of money, and get some experience so he can work in ICU. I think the gay guys are awesome nurses, more nuturing than some of the straight ones I've seen. (Now of course, I'll get yelled at. I know that this isn't really true, just steorotyping sorry. Straight guys make awesome nurses too!)
  11. by   mark_LD_RN
    I am one of the most nurturing caring compassionate nurses you will ever meet.And Iam NOT gay. almost took offense to your post 3rdshiftguy.

    stereotyping is never good!
  12. by   Tweety
    I know Mark, I was wrong in stating that. Because it is not true and I know it. Sexual preference, sex, age, race, etc. has nothing to do with whether someone is a good nurse or a bad nurse. Let me say however, the two best male nurses on my unit happen to be gay, and the straight male nurses on my floor are awful. That is only two people out of the whole hospital. The "Nurse of the Year" was a male nurse in CCU, and I know him well, have worked with him, he's the most awesome nurse around (it is an insignificant fact that he is straight). Am I babbling?

    Again, sincere apologies.
  13. by   mark_LD_RN
    I just have a problem with any type of stereotyping or discrimination.