Gross out!

  1. I can take virtually anything - suppurating wounds, vile sputum, vomit - you name it but the other day I totally grossed out.

    The patient I had was vented and sweaty so I wiped his hair and when I took the cloth away there they were - about 1 mm long and engorged with blood!!!

    And Active!!! They were racing across the cloth toward my arm!
    I moved fast to ditch the lot in the bin but......


    My head immediately started to itch. But guess whose job it was to remedy the situation? Moi! Came home and peeled out of my uniform - it went straight into the washing machine - I jumped into the shower with the head lice treatment and even after all of that still felt itchy.

    Now confess - how many of you reading this are starting to scratch???
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  3. by   Spaniel gal

    argggg its so gross. We have such problems with nits at work.

    The worst time was one my b/f was sat on the floor. He has gorgeous jet-black thick wavy hair. Then I saw them, I jumped up 'thought OMG' he must of got them off me, how else could he get them? Then I thought well my head is itchy gross, icky icky icky!

    Mmm then I thought, was 'nits' in Turkish. Nope have no idea, not even gonna try!

    Then me (after saying I be back... quickly went to the pharmacy) : honey shall I wash your hair?

    Him why? Is it for my itchy head.

    Me urmm yes

    Him I think im allergic to something, my head is really itchy

    Anyway I washed his hair (well scrubbed his poor scalp red- raw). He then turned to me in a concerned voice and said:

    ' Do I have animals in my hair??' it was said with such a hurt little- boy voice, I felt soo bad.

    God so many of our kids come in with pressure sores and things like nits it breaks my heart.

  4. by   phn92
    This must be the week for head lice! I have checked more heads this week than I have since school let out! Had to help families get shampoo and do the teaching! And yes, I itch everytime I find it!
  5. by   Spaniel gal
    i try my best not to get them, my hair is in a bun and sprayed with hair spray so, is rock hard!

    also use tee tree oil around my hair line.

    still doesnt always work!
  6. by   ulianka
    AAAAA!!! Now I am itching!!!!!!
  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    Makes me itch thinking about it!
  8. by   Diana in Sweden
    Originally posted by Spaniel gal
    i try my best not to get them, my hair is in a bun and sprayed with hair spray so, is rock hard!

    also use tee tree oil around my hair line.

    still doesnt always work!
    I have heard that they don't like lavender oil so I have mixed it into my daughter's conditoner (1%) smells nice to people too
  9. by   WhiteCaps
    To help prevent lice try using coconut shampoo, the cheap stuff..... try it! Lice don't like it but your hair will. It's not
    a cure if you get infested tho.

    But, Gwenith, were you talking about lice or LEECHES?
    Have you ever had to use leech tx? I have....
    That is really gross!
  10. by   gwenith
    Okay So what does everyone use to kill them off??

    Have heard the latest is straight hair conditioner. Which is what we had to use as we could not find any "appropriate" shampoo in the entire place!! I have also heard that Olive oil works but I don't know whether that is just because it makes them slide off onto the floor. Mental image of nit trying to hang onto slippery hair like a greasy rope going aaaaahhhhhh splat!:chuckle
  11. by   Brownms46
    Remind me never to read anything that says "Gross Out"!
  12. by   angelbear
    My neice had it really bad one time and my husband is a total paranoid about getting it. I being the family nurse had to treat her. Her hair was long after 2 txs that did not work I told my sister if she wanted me to treat it again we were doing it my way. She relented. I promptly cut her hair into a cute little bob then doused it with olive oil and wrapped it with saran wrap and covered the whole thing with a cap. Then we let her play outside in the sun all day and washed her hair later that evening. It took three washings to get rid of the oil but no more lice or nits. That was 3 yrs ago and she has not had lice or long hair since. That was mild compared to the time one of our residents had his body cast cut off and it was filled with maggots. YUK and double YUK.
  13. by   corks
    At least they were in the head and not elsewhere!! When I worked as a midwife I saw quite a few travelling lice Now a mother of two young uns, they seem to have become part of the family!! teatree oil in your hair brush, the smell supposedly puts them off. Corks
  14. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Now that y'all have my skin sufficiently crawling and my head and other body areas starting to itch........all I can say is: Thanks for the total gross out for the day........*shivers and scratches* Never had never had them...I feel fortunate....EWWWWWwwwwwww! (and my hair is down to my butt and all one length)