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I can take virtually anything - suppurating wounds, vile sputum, vomit - you name it but the other day I totally grossed out. The patient I had was vented and sweaty so I wiped his hair and when I... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    Definitely not as mad as it sounds we are finding out more and more that there were sound reasons for genetic variance.

    Interestingly Australians Aborigines do not have tight curly hair but soft curly and even blonde hair!! Torres Straight Islanders and the Papua New Guinea natives who are the same racial type, predominantly had tight curls more like the norm for African negros

    I hope no-one take offense at this I am trying to talk of the variance in racial types from a purely scientific viewpoint.
  2. by   coffeehound
    I was always told that the reason that African Americans do not get head lice is that their hair shafts have an oval rather than a round shape. Lice have round pinchers and are unable to get a good grasp on oval hair shafts.

    Have no idea if this is true, but I do know we never had a lice outbreak the whole time I was growing up and it was always attributed to the fact that I live in an area that is predominantly African American.
  3. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    Originally posted by Brownms46
    Remind me never to read anything that says "Gross Out"!
    LMAO!!!!!!! So true. I can't stop itching! My body is one big massive dam ITCH!
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    My children never had them either, thank God. And I was a school bus driver for fifteen years. But we were always told not to share combs, hats, etc., and to wear a hat if we felt uncomfortable. Personally, I didn't wear a hat, because I don't like them. But when I was a little girl, all five of us had them. UGH!
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  6. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Gwennie, I always just love your posts woman! When I was stationed in Orlando, I was assigned to the womans pap smear clinic. Fun, fun, fun. One company had a major outbreak of crabs and myself and another corpsman had the thrilling task of combing through about 200 womens' pubes looking for the little bungee jumping critters so we could treat any one infected with the little burgers. Let's just say it was NOT the funnest day of my medical career. I could not stop scratching for days afterward!
  7. by   MomNRN
    I love this post!

    This is what I get to deal with alot being a school nurse!

    Whenever we have a suspected case, I immediately put my hair up in a clip before even getting near the child. I have seen so many lice and nits, I don't get itchy anymore!

    Much advice listed above is true! But, like Smiling Blue Eyes said - the nits are the key! If you don't get the nits out, you are asking for trouble!

    Also, remember to vacuum anywhere your head comes in contact with. Pillows, sofas, cars, etc.

    Regarding African-American hair and lice, I also have read that their hair strand is oval and lice in North America prefer the round hair strand. But, in Africa the converse is true, primarily only those black hair strands are susceptible.

    I cannot remember where I read this, but it has held true at our school!

    Less than one month and counting! Back to school August 18th!