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  1. by   MMARN
    I gotta say that after seeing some of the grading scales in other schools, I don't feel as bad about mine as I did when I went to orientation. Mostly everyone was a bit shocked at our grading scale, but I think it's ok compared to some of yall's.

    91-100= A
    85-90= B
    80-84= C
    70-79= D

    As you can see, in my program, we have to have an 80 in order for us to pass the course/program. It also states that if you get two or more grades less than an 80% in the same semester, student "will be permanently dismissed from the program". Good luck with your petition.
  2. by   tlhubbard
    We had the 93-100 A 85-92 B 78-84 C Below 78 was a D, might as well be an F. Because a C was required for any science or NUR class.

    But we used the point system So if we had a total of 1000 possible points then 930 was the minimum to get an A. (followed the % scale used by the rest of the school)

    Final exam of the last semester (all graduation gowns, announcements, etc had been ordered) we had 2 girls fail by 2 exam questions. If they wanted to become a nurse, they had to wait a full year to retake the semester. The one was a newlywed, pregnant and already had a job as an RN waiting for her. (how embarrassing). I felt really bad for them. They even went to the instructor and argued their case for the answers they'd given, which fell on deaf ears. They were denied. I'm not sure if they went back the next year or not. (they were also already listed in the program of graduates )
  3. by   Nashima
    In my program, the scale is as follows:

    90-100 = A
    80-89 = B
    79 or under = FAIL

    You either pass or fail. No C's or D's.
  4. by   xxAmyxx
    I don't remember the exact scale but I do remember that a 78 was the lowest passing grade. We also had to pass the HESI test in order to graduate as well.
  5. by   Nicky032605
    Does anyone realize that this thread was first posted in 2001? He he....Interesting to see things don't change and are pretty consistent through-out all this time.
  6. by   chelsue_b
    For some of you please consider yourselves lucky! My program requires an 80 or higher is passing!
  7. by   BethBSN
    My school is also ridiculous! They JUST changed the grading scale this year to this:

    A 95-100
    A- 93-94
    B+ 91-92
    B 87-90
    B- 85-86
    C+ 83-84
    C 79-82
    C- 77-78
    D 70-76
    F 69 and below

    You also have to get at least a 77 in order to go on in the nursing sequence.

    Can you believe a flat 90 is a B?? a dang B?!
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  8. by   Indy
    I'm trying to wrap my brain around the OP's predicament here, and the only advice I'm coming up with, is to contact an attorney.

    If the school hands out points and passes people who didn't make it on their own merit, and then expects those upcoming who do, in fact, pass, to not complete the program because of a faculty crunch created in this situation, then I'd say that's a reason to call an attorney. What I'd be asking for is a guaranteed spot, or a full refund of every dime I'd paid to that school, up to that point in time. The reason for a refund would be, it's hard to transfer credits, etc. On top of that I'd be asking for some exorbitant amount to compensate for the heck of nursing school and the setback in salary that would happen for not graduating on time.

    Seriously. Schools do this kind of moronic, sadistic stuff because we let them. We pay people to do this. Stop allowing it and see what happens.
  9. by   whatnext
    hey chelsue b--where do you go to school? I'm in NC, too. Our school's grading scale is as follows:
    94-100 A
    87-93 B
    80-86 C

    If you have a 79.5, they'll round up and you pass, but 79.4 would still fail. I'm in my second year of an ADN program and we just lost one last week because she got below a 79.5 in one of our classes. I hate to see that happen, especially with only 5 months left. The other classes on our campus usually use the 10 point scale, and are not as difficult as the nursing courses. Many even let you throw out one test score. Wouldn't that be nice in nursing school? Our grades are based strictly on test scores. We have many clinical papers and such, but they are only satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and you are expected to put great effort into them.
    Some of the hospitals require that you send in your transcripts when you apply, so it's not really fair when the grading scales are different and they compare you. Supposedly they are just looking for consistency and making sure you are going to make it all the way through, and looking at the big picture. Many people in my class have gotten C's all along, and are worried they won't get hired at these places. I think there's such a nursing shortage, that grades won't matter.
  10. by   hbncns35
    For me:

    You need 77 or above in every class to pass BSN Nursing.
    A= 93-100. etc...
    Clinicals are Pass/Fail and Hesi's are 850 and above.

    They will not accept 76.5 must be 76.6 to round up to 77.
  11. by   teddyp
    The nursing school that I attended, the student must maintain a 77 average to pass the course. I remember during nursing school, several times I sweated out the course and would have enjoyed a 70 to pass.
  12. by   got4babygirls
    My school:
    90-100 A
    83-89 B
    75-82 C
    under 75 you fail
    Clinical and Sim lab are pass/ fail

  13. by   Couch30
    I just had to comment. My school is also set up as follow:
    93-100 A
    85-92 B
    77-84 C
    Lower than 77-you are out!!!!

    Clinical/labs are pass/fail.

    I don't disagree so much with the school's grading scale, but that they weight the grades. Care plans, homework, quizzes, presentations, etc. account for 10%; the comprehensive final is 10% (thankful for this); but the 5exams in a semester account for 80% of your grade. So, even though on the grading scale I should have an A, I don't because of the weighted averages of the grades. Because I average a 92 on exams, that is what my final grade reveals a 92. This sucks because I work so hard to get an A, and can't ever seem to achieve it. I eventually want to go into a Master's program, and know they are going to look at my nursing school grades. I would love to have an A to show, but don't think that will be happening.