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Please I have to let this out! I had the night from hell! Patient Y is on the monitor.....everything is fine......Heart Rate-80 SR-SB with an elevated T wave. Okay no biggie...has a history of an MI,... Read More

  1. by   redwinggirlie
    I have a phone.
    I have a bill for that phone.
    Bad bill.
    Bad phone.
    Phone gone in two weeks.
    Silence to follow.
    Sigh...... beautiful.......
  2. by   gwenith
    Hand free or not the accident rate is higher if you are using a cell phone - we have a big ad campaign over here about it and we just got the warning - teh police are about to do a BIG crackdown on cell phone usage while driving.

    Apparently mobile analog phones do not cause the problem that mobile digital phones do so the cordless phones are OK. We don't see to have a lot of problem with visirtors using mobile phones touch wood!!!
  3. by   SteelTownRN
    Cell phones also interfere with labor and delivery monitors. Cell phones are banned on the L/D and Postpartum floor for this reason. However, MD's ignore the rule, and family members are never asked to turn them off, even though there are signs all over the unit forbidding cell phone use. So, the sign is really only adhered to by nurses.

    I bring students to the unit, and you wouldn't believe how incredibly difficult it is to get them to leave their cell phones in their cars, and not even bring them onto the unit. I have heard every possible excuse. I, too, am tired of cell phone use that is distracting to others.
  4. by   passing thru
    Let's face it. People are simply rude.
    It's way beyond rude.
    It's our American culture. Or lack of culture.

    To be honest, we simply do not give a damn if the folks

    around us don't like it. Period.

    Isn't the prevailing attitude.......... "If YOU don't like it.......

    TOUGH !! "
  5. by   Totone656
    Okay I am now three weeks into Hospice nursing! Love the job and hate cell phones even more now! Why??? OMG I have to carry one! I look forward to my day out of town because my phone will not reach from Memphis to Ripley,TN...which is 47 miles away!
    I have already told the office I do not talk and drive. One thing I do good walking and chewing gum. Can you imagine me trying to drive a car, shift gears (I have a standard transmission on my 1973 VW Thing), answer a phone and talk??
    When I go into LTCF I make sure my phone is off! Why??? Because of my experince on the floor and the signs posted at the door say, "NO CELL PHONE-TURN OFF!
    Well there goes the pager ending here!
  6. by   rnnurse2be
    ok, I agree that we Americans can be a rude lot of flesh..
    I too hate it when people are mentally unable to turn the phone off.

    WHY are students allowed to bring cell phones in during clinical?
    Even though I have one and dont plan on getting rid of mine, I HAVE NEVER EVER allowed it to ring during class, or left class to make a call. I cant imagin being at the hospital and then using it.

    As far as "electric leashes" go, mine doesn't ring off the hook. If it did (due to work or whatever) it would drive me crazy too!
  7. by   ERRN5778
    Cell phones are my BIGGEST pet peeve on the tele floor i work on....sometimes i just want to tell the patients family members, "Can you NOT read the 20 "Do NOT USE CELL PHONES" signs that are strategically posted everywhere on this unit!!!
  8. by   ERRN5778
    My boyfriend and I recently found a way to quiet those people who feel the need to speak loudly into their cell phones......join them in their conversation! They may look at you badly but I guarentee that they will lower their tone of voice!