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Well, the start of a new year and I'm kissing nursing good bye after only 5 short months. I graduated in may and started at a hospital in august. My very first preceptor was a nightmare, on my... Read More

  1. by   ROSYJO11
    There's more to nursing than hospital nursing.

    You owe it to yourself to try other areas, community nursing, aged health care, medical centre, school nursing.

    the hospital work is a great learning experience and makes you a stronger person, dont disregard it as a waste of your time, you took something away from it even if you dont yet realise it.

    when I did my 3 yr hospital training to become an RN, it was hell most of the time and we ALL thought so. But darn if it didnt make us fantastic RNs when we finished. And I look back and chuckle at some of the matrons I had to work under.

  2. by   Diahni
    Quote from briehy
    I too hated nursing. I loved my psych position but HATED the hospital. There are other avenues out there that might fit you. Right now I work in an office auditing charts...and I get paid like a "real" nurse. No stress, no doctors, no patients, no medicines... and yes, no fun!!
    No fun? If it were fun, you wouldn't get paid for it! But I'm with you,
    I took a liking to psych, as well.
  3. by   Diahni
    Quote from fmwf
    Introspection is a good thing. In retrospect, I realize that everything I need to know about how to make it I learned from the Dog Whisperer.

    I gotta have a calm assertive state when entering the unit.

    The unit is the pack. THe time that my clinical instructor barked in front of everyone on our first pre-day of med-surg (preconference introductions,hello my name is...) "There is something about you that I just don't like. Don't talk. I don't think you are going to make it!" It was about me. Was not calm, a little nervous, trying to fake it. Just been told five minutes prior that I had a persistent ovarian tumor. Turned about to be noncancerous, but...She taught me not to speak when I am not calm and centered. She was a bear....But a part of me believes that she knew what lies ahead for some nurses who are not.

    First day on the unit....preceptor would not speak to me/greet me. Never did develop rapport with her. Would set me up negatively in front of patients. When she finally did speak she said in front of the unit, "Why did you not just become a doctor, you're too smart, too much college to be a nurse." Would take 5,6 patients from day one of my 6 week orientation. Don't delude yourself...get what you need. However you need to do it. Don't take abuse. From anybody. Not more than once.

    Watch the Dog Whisperer. When humans work under conditions like nurses do, they operate according to pack animal principles.

    That is my theory.
    fmwf: I like your theory. Yes, it's true. Your preceptor sounds like a real sweetheart. I find it amazing that a nurse would have such a negative view of her own profession. Wow, you are tough to put up with even one day of that!