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Yeppers......strongly thinking about it! There's a nurse on my unit who wears her starched white nursing dress, white stockings, white shoes, and her nursing cap every tiime she works. ... Read More

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    Originally posted by WhiteCaps
    "We are NOT doormats, maids, handmaidens, peons, and people without a VOICE! We are in this profession to GIVE that which others cannot give themselves when they are sick. We don't do it for free, but our hearts must say we are passionate about GIVING to the sick. If they don't, then we shouldn't be nurses.

    Let's fight to regain control of our profession! We don't have to let "The Powers that be" tell us how to be nurses, or what to wear, or how to function. Did we not successfully PASS the NCLEX exam? Do we not hold the privileged title of being a LICENSED NURSE? No matter your educational level of how you sat for those same state boards; what matters is that you were awarded the privilege of being a LICENSED NURSE, so let the level of respect start there with yourself, with one another, and then perhaps the level of respect will come from your patients and SOME ADMIN who have chosen to forget the respect nursing once held. "Well said, Cheerfuldoer!
    DITTO and Amen :kiss
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    Originally posted by AAHZ
    ................ Now the cape thing would be cool. I'd like one
    long and black...........with a hood. I could do the druid monk thing. I can picture it now...................I glide silently into the room, and in a deep low voice I say "I'm here to start your IV" followed by an evil, gutteral, laugh.............
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle Oh AAHZ!
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    Originally posted by justjenn
    ...........After reading this post - for those that would like to wear white but don't want to wear the dress thingy, what about wearing something that looks like scrubs & a cap. There are uniforms that are not exactly scrubs but not exactly starch whites. Plus, the cap would just add the "distinction" that some of you/me are looking for? justjenn
    justjenn........I NEVER like wearing dresses! White ones or any other color....professionally or socially! Ever since I was a little girl, I hated wearing dresses! It was very difficult for me to be a free kid and climb trees and play basketball with dresses on. I stopped buying dresses (for the better part of my life) once I was on my own at 17. NO MORE DRESSES...YEAHHHHHHHH!!! :chuckle

    What I WILL be wearing is white pants, white shirt, and white scrub jacket with my white nursing shoes and white nursing cap. That's what I always wore before color scrubs were allowed, and that is what I'll continue to wear when I wear whites to work.

    I wore a dress to graduate in because it was REQUIRED! Since that time, I can count on one hand how many times I wore a dress....at home or at work.

    My new hat is enroute. Should arrive in two or three days priority mail (so I was told). The hat actually comes from Kays Caps. Travel Trunk buys the hats from that company. How about that!
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    Ok I'll be serious. When I first graduated I would always wear white. In fact I wore my old Air Force Whites, from my enlisted days. There is a lot to be said for "looking" the part. But, on the other hand, I'm alot more comfortable in my scrubs!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Gimme my scrubs, you can keep the skirts, dresses, and pantyhose
  7. by   bluesky
    Sorry but heck no! First of all I look like death incarnate in white (or alternately Drew Barrymore at the Charlies Angels premiere.... ) and second of all I would be the laughing stock of the ER. For a while I was thinking of wearing a silk rose on my scrubs so I'd be easily identifiable (" yes, sir your father is being taken care of the one with the flower") but then realized this also would lead to derision.

    That said, I admire the thought you have put into the subject and the pride with which you will wear your cap.
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    Well, I FINALLY received the RIGHT hat in the mail today! I put it on and almost cried. perhaps I'm in premenopause or something OR maybe I'm simply a sentimental kind of gal!

    I'm READY to be dressed in white now.
  9. by   -jt
    I hate scrubs. Theyre always too big & look sloppy. My cleaning lady wears them and they look no better on her. If you look like youre there to mop the floors, dont be surprised when you get treated like thats what youre there for.

    Our students wear light blue uniforms. Only the nurses are allowed to wear white. Techs, PCAs, & others wear colored scrubs. Nurses, including those in our ER & critical care units, wear white uniform pants (not scrubs), and their choice of uniform tops. I prefer solid white. We also have the option of wearing a white lab coat.
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    jt, what gets me are the really wrinkled and old looking uniforms and/or scrubs I see health professionals wearing. Another pet peeve of mine on the job is seeing doctors come to work in their street clothes such as: sandals, jeans, t-shirts, short skirts, shorts, picnic attire, their golf attire, etc. They NEED to remember they are NOT there to simply "stop by" on their way to whatever social function they are going to, but they should present themselves like that of a health professional. The whole profession...nursing and medical...are just getting stupid with this "non dresscode" that seems to be sweeping through the hospitals. It's bad enough that the docs don't wash their hands between patients, or put on the isolation attire before entering a patient's room when that patient is on isolation (VRE, MRSA, etc.).

    Nurses aren't the only ones who need to "check their attire" whether they wear whites or scrubs........DOCTORS should pay attention to their own image as well.
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    As I have to get changed very quickly in case of emergency I couldn't even imagine wearing a cap. That must have been ages ago that there were caps worn in Europe!!!
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    go to

    for nurse chat, message board, ect.!
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    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Send us a pic!!

    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    Well, I FINALLY received the RIGHT hat in the mail today! I put it on and almost cried. perhaps I'm in premenopause or something OR maybe I'm simply a sentimental kind of gal!

    I'm READY to be dressed in white now.