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Let me apologize for the length of this message now. I have been off of work for the past 16 months due to back and related problems. I have been a nurse for 26 years and miss it terribly. I was... Read More

  1. by   CHICKTOEAGLE you can see you're not alone. I'm in a similar position and find this BB a great source of information, a familiar *family* of friends who care. I, too was lost and grieving my 20+yrs. of a really full rounded carreer. Most of my friends were from my workplace.So being unable to work anymore affected almost all parts of my life.After the shock wore off, I discovered life goes on.I've made new priorities & new friends.Even met a wonderful man who accepts my disabilities and has been a tremendous support. It has been 11 years since active duty and even though the health issues remain...I love my life. The alternative is not so great!Im sending you best wishes, and courage. You must take it one day at a time, believe that better or newer 'stuff' awaits you. :angel2: I'll keep you in my prayers.Good luck!:kiss CHICK
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    disabled nurse-- my hat goes off to you-- have been a nurse for 19 years now-- my little aches and pains that i have when i come home from work are nothing compared to what you are going through-- you are truly an inspiration to the field of nursing-- talk about dedication!!!!!!!!!!!! i can only hope that maybe someday i can say something that might help someone else-- you have truly inspired me this morning-- and yes, there is a place for you with us-- keep doing what you are doing-- inspiring others and lifting spirits of those who think they have it rough-- feel free to pm me at any time-- i work night shift but will get back to you asap-- may god richly bless you tigger2sassy
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    Glad you have this site to come to. Someone with your experience will have plenty to contribute. There are always tricks of the trade that will never change. Words of wisdom to help out the "newbies". And as always all of us here for "moral" support..
    I love this site. My husband keeps saying I am addicted. I love the feeling of acceptance of understanding I get from my fellow nurses in the world. Great advice is easy to find. And thank god for allnurses on those days I need to *itch and whine. My family don't always understand why I may be upset or grumpy (yes, even after I attempt to explain it to my husband But I know you guys do.

    Keep in touch!!
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    This forum/site is amazing when people can be NON-judgemental and SUPPORTIVE. It is second to none when that occurs. I am here to support you and offer online hugs. Yours is indeed a tough situation and I feel for you!!!
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    Dear DN,

    For what it is worth, I love your posts. You always make salient points, offer folks a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on and sensible advice. You may not be nursing physically yet you are still "on the job". You (and others) reaffirm my decision on a daily basis. Thank you!

  7. by   Disablednurse
    I want to thank everyone for their posts. They really mean a lot to me. And yes I have now become addicted to this board and must have a good dose everyday, several times a day.
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    Welcome to the club and I am glad you like it!!!!!