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My husband swears that he feels ghostly presences in the hospital when he is there. Do any of you have weird things happen and/or feel this way too?... Read More

  1. by   Dixen81
    Oh, my gosh, that is so spooky! Made my skin crawl reading it! If I were you, I'd get a different locker, far away from that one!
  2. by   heart queen
    in my old ccu, we had room 2, the room of death and train wrecks. whenever the room was empty, the call light would go off several times per shift. never without a reason when occupied. maintenence has been called umpteen times, it never simulates while they are there. there is no source of malfunction.

    we've even tried keeping the window upen when vacant to let "the spirits out". been there 6 years, always happened whenever vacant. maintenence refuses to come back.

    not overly superstitious, but this is the "code room". and it's unnerving to say the least.

  3. by   barefootlady
    Certain rooms always have "that feeling". I try to be respectful and remember that people spent their last moments there. Humming a hymn helps.
  4. by   cornhusker red!
    I'm not normally a person who spooks easily, but I do believe in the supernatural- my mom says that if there is anything to see or hear, I would be the one who was "open" enough to see/hear it. Anyway, last week at our hospital (I work Med-Surg-Ortho) we had an unusual number of "Dr. Armstrong" calls and Emergency placements from the ER for the Psych ward. One guy got loose from the police, got tasered twice, and was put into 4-points before psych ward would take him. He came in telling the police he killed someone, covered in blood, and wearing clothes that couldn't be his (he's 6'8''). After he went to psych, got 5-6 more EPC's (for a town of 25,000 when college is in, that's a bunch!) then nothing. Our hospital is named for a young woman who died young. "Mary" has been seen on many floors, and usually is not a problem. I had thought I had seen her out of the corner of my eye several times, but never had an "experience" with her. I worked last Sunday (the day after the ER was hammered) and was getting a resident up for lunch when something cold touched my arm. I jumped and checked with my aide to see if she had seen anything or the resident had touched me, and nothing. As soon as I went back to getting the resident up, I was grabbed again. I didn't think anything of it, but then my confused pneumonia patient kept carrying on entire conversations with someone (no one in room, as he was in a camera observation room), and he kept saying he didn't get her name, but she just left. I told the aide if I found out it was Mary, I would be screaming! (I work days, so all of this in broad daylight). The aide was helping someone on the other side of the hall from the bathroom, stopped to wash their hands. The aide always checks the faucets to make sure they are off. The resident and aide walk back to bed, get about 10 feet away, and the water comes on. The resident even questioned the aide as to how that happened. They both saw the water off, and then Mary turned it on. The good thing is that Mary seems to be benevolent, and no one passed that day (although I was sure the poo was going to hit the fan!) :uhoh21:
  5. by   Kudra
    Quote from futuregaspasser
    Okay, I know this one sounds strange, but hear me out.
    We just moved into a brand new hospital, and the locker room (to the OR) always sounds like there is someone in there changing (Lockers closing, opening, mumbling voices ect.) but there never is (I work weekends and nights when I am the only one around). I go in there completely expecting to see someone in one of the bays, but no one is there. I have attributed this to a new building still settling in.

    One day around 6PM I am at my locker and I hear this strange whooshing noise. I attribute it to the clock behind me, when I realize it is coming from infront of me. I start listening closely and it coming from the locker directly below mine. I put my ear to it and it sounds exactly like someones mouth is behind the vent breathing. I automatically reach to open the locker and as soon as I touch it, the noise stops. All of the lockers are locked (each one has an individual key), but now one owns any of the bottom lockers. A few seconds later it starts up again, I said "Hello?" and immediately it stops again.

    I told a few close friends I work with about it, to see if they had heard anything. They all say they have heard the lockers open, voices, ect., but never the breathing.

    The next weekend two of my coworkers and I all go into the locker room (again around 6pm). Their lockers are one bay down from mine, and we are all talking loudly, but as soon as I get to my locker, I hear it again. I told them to shut up and get over here now! One of them put their ear by the locker, and stood up soo quickly, we bashed heads. Put their ear down again to listen and slammed their fist on the locker it scared them so bad. The other person wouldn't listen and ran out of the locker room.

    The following weekend the charge nurse (that works graveyards) was in there next to that locker doing her charges at around 3am. She told me she heard breathing coming from below my locker and ran out of there. She said "I could just see a demon back there watching me."

    I retrieved the key from the unit secratary and opened the locker, half way expecting something (or someone) to be in there. There was nothing, and no air vent in there to cause the sound.

    I am not one to scare easily, but there is just no other expanation I can come up with. Something I forgot to mention, whenever the "breathing" stoped (from touching the locker ect.), when it started back up again, it was a gasping (like someone who held there breath trying to catch their breath again) :uhoh21:
    i've had a very similar experience... the ICU where i did my preceptorship was renovated about 5 years ago and the locker room is where part of the old ICU use to be... anyway, you need the combination in order to get into the locker room, so it's a relatively secure place since only ICU staff have access to it...

    whenever i'd enter the locker room, i'd get a strange feeling like i wasn't alone... even when empty, it wasn't uncommon to hear what sounded like someone mumbling and pacing around... i use to play it off as my over-active imagination until one night when i was working, i went in there to use the washroom... i scanned the room for anyone and quickly glanced under the other stall door to make sure the washrooms were empty...

    so i go into the other stall and use the washroom and just when i was finishing up, i hear what sounded like someone walking up to the stall, hear the stall door creak open and then SLAM shut... i nearly fell off the toilet, i was so freaked out... well, let's just say that i pulled up my pants and ran out of there as fast as i could... i knew there was no body else in that locker room because 1) i would have heard the locked door to get into the locker room open, 2) there was no shadow under the stall like there is if someone in there and 3) when i got back to the ICU, all staff was present and accounted for... my preceptor asked what happened since i was so visibly shaken up and the story spread around the Unit in no time... the next few shifts i worked, i had at least 3 other nurses come up and tell me they had felt the same thing or had similar things happen to them...

    needless to say, i NEVER went into that locker room alone again...

    another thing, which happened to my cousin is pretty interesting... she's an X-Ray tech at a children's hospital... she had just started working there and was working the night shift... she was sent downstairs to get something from Medical Records and she took the back stairs because it was the quickest way to get there...

    on her way down the stairs, she saw a little girl in a nightgown... she said hello to the girl and asked her why she was out of bed so late... the little girl didn't answer, so my cousin told her to follow her and the would find out what floor she belonged to... my cousin made her way to Medical Records and checked several times on their way there to make sure the little girl was following her... which she was...

    once at Medical Records, she picked up the phone and called Security to see if anyone had reported a missing child... the guard chuckled at her when she described the little girl and said he'd be right down... she hung up the phone and turned around and the girl was no where to be seen... my cousin started looking around Medical Records and the corridors to see if she could find the girl, but couldn't find her anywhere... Security showed up and told her that he'd walk her back to the X-Ray department... my cousin asked why the heck he wasn't going to look for the little girl and he asked her where she found her... my cousin said it was on the back stairs... to which the guard replied, "well, you've just met one of our long term residents... she's been hanging around here for years... you might want to avoid the back stairs from now on"...

    when my cousin told her co-workers about the incident, they all laughed and said that they thought everyone knew the back stairs of the hospital were haunted... no one ever took them alone, especially at night, because of run ins with the little girl...:uhoh21:

  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    ooooh guys...tell me more, tell me more!!! LOL! My husband is loving these!