Gets up on one knee

  1. It's been a little over a month since my drop from nursing year. Since I work with great people, everyone is supportive of me to be an RN. Thats what makes it so hard to accept failing over paperwork.

    I spoke about depression and am curious about chemicals and emotions. Over the last month my neuro-chemicals got a massive burst of saddness. I not depressed; I feel intensely sad because of this set-back. I ws so on track with everything, including financial aid. Help me with any tips or advice with how to get back on track.

    The school that droppped me says I can come back next year. It's not garenteed, and I have to consider worst case with them. So that means I can attempt to get into science classes that are really full, as I remember. I want to take chemistry, as it is required by another nursing school I want to attend.

    I am super-duper motivated to get on with doing the work to be an RN and take the big NCLEX. I am willing to relocate, but that would mean forgetting the seat I probably will have at the program I failed clinicals at.

    There are other schools in the area, but I am wanting to get on with my dream now, and other schools are swamped. Someone mentioned an on-line way to receive RN. I have a job as an RN as soon as I become one. Help me if you can with some way to be an RN, or LPN on line. For me, it's not a question of if I can do it. It's a question of getting there. I have a hard time finding information to become an LPN. I would love to be an LPN if the opportunity for me to learn to become one is there.

    I appreciate all the help so many people gave me after I sang the blues hard. I remain positive and am coming out of the blues and want to start marching to my goal again. Is there a way to go to RN online? Or to relocate to an intense training school?
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  3. by   SandyB
    If you were a LVN (Or LPN, depends on your state) then you can get the RN without Full time school. I know no way to get from CNA to LPN or RN other than what you are doing.
    Check out the distance learning threads.

    And don't give up your dreams!
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yes, Mario, do look at possible LPN and then bridging to RN.

    My daughter, who has dyscalculia, is going to do that.

    I have all the respect in the world for the LPN programs because they have a larger amount of clinical requirements, and I've noted that they're more fully prepared for the atmosphere of real floor nursing.

    Not recommending anything in particular, just hoping to point out other options for getting from here to there.

    Take care--and we're glad you're back! :kiss
  5. by   Anagray
    Hi, Mario!!! It's ok, I would probably be crushed too if I failed clinicals. It is definitely a hard blow, but u are so dedicated and u want it so bad. You are going be a nurse. I have no doubts.

    You should come to where I live - tuition assistance, great pay for work of your qualification at the hospitals, the schools are filling up fast, but the experience is satisfying.
    keep your head up!
  6. by   Sleepyeyes

    Mario, Albany is NYSNA-land!! NYSNA ROCKS!!!
  7. by   renerian
    Mario I would check out the distance ed threads as well. Hang in there and do not give up.

  8. by   VickyRN
    I would advise you to go see the guidance counselors at your former college. Try to get the "full picture" as to why you failed. Remember, the first part of the nursing process is assessment, and though a truthful assessment can be very painful, it is the first step to healing and getting on with your life.
  9. by   Cindy_A
    Hey Mario, When I first went back to school, I had to drop out the first semester because I got an 85% on the math test, I only missed ONE question! (needed a 90%). Check your other options, or go back to the same school. You'll make it! I know you are very determined!
  10. by   ucandoit
    I went from LPN to RN ( I am in RN school now ), and I really feel like the LPN experience helped me out alot! I would highly recommend!
  11. by   cpgrn
    In my area the college is LPN to RN. Both full time programs. I went for both - this being after all pre-req's were done. Very grueling - very difficult, but worth it. I've been an RN now for 7 years and I don't regret a moment of the work I put in. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I always wear an RN badge with my name tag - because I earned it! Go for it if that's what you really want!
  12. by   Brownms46
    Mario I'm just reading about what happened to you. At the moment have nothing to add to the excellent advice you have been given. But I must say I admire your resolve to continue toward your goal! I have a friend who's line to me has always been...NEVER GIVE UP! And my mom always said..."where there is a will...there is a way"! I totally believe you will find a way to make your dream a reality! Good Luck on continue to move on
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    Thank you for your advice again. It is so frustrating because of the path to get to my goal. Why should the path to my goal be marred with unknowns and free radicals? I'm talking about being eaten and no one will listen to you or help you out.
    Students, and especially male students, should have some resource they can go to for honest help with difficult and dangerous personalities. In school this is so important. I count my blessings that I don't have this with the people I work with on a regular basis, and not all women nurses are outwardly mean. I am sorry to say what I am saying, because some might think that I am just being soft, or crying.
    Well, let me say that I am totally up on my feelings now, and how right they are, but it's ME who let it go, and I was too lazy or whatever to overcome a sacrifice all nursing students must make. Lol.
    I'm up on one knee, and look to the hard searches and finds for another better way to RN. I can wait until next year and re-enter the program. I knew some students who came in during the second quarter. My anger I let go.
    I still think there should be more support for male students who need help about what to do or how to act to women in all women environments that are unfamiliar. That goes for any student where they can be eaten, which is everywhere other non-students are. You can say "Wel, just do everything right and you'll be fine." As a student, I can be ignored by an instructor until I make a mistake, in front of other RN's. The way an instructor interacts one on one with any student is a factor.
    I get back on one knee as I go for a full stand this week. I feel like such a &^%$ head this stupid thing had to get in my way. Love will save me now as I feel it take back over.
  14. by   Jenny P
    Mario, no one has an easy path of it. We all have to learn to follow the directions we are given; and then only our own stubborness will prevail to see us through the difficult spots in the road.

    I don't think that there should be more support for male students; if there is, then there should be more support for the younger students and also more support for the older students; and also more support for the average students.

    It may be possible that you did get hit by a man-hating instructor; but it may also be possible that the same man-hating instructor hates anyone who does not follow that persons' instructions to the letter. And my guess is that that instructor will probably chew the butt off any student that crosses her path! And she won't mind chewing anyone out whenever and wherever they goof, no matter who they are..

    I will go out on a limb here and say that I think you could be a good nurse someday. BUT (and here is the catch) you will have to FOCUS on following directions to the "T"; all assignments need to be completed on time and turned in on time. NO EXCUSES.

    Whether you choose to go back to this particular school is up to you. I personally don't think I would go back there as I hate confrontation, and this instructor seems to have it in for you.

    I also think that long distance education for nursing may not be the best path to take.