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  1. I just need to vent a little about an MD I was working with yesterday. I was taking care of a 33yo female admitted with severe HA, also her left eye kept deviating to the left. The docs suspected MS and told her so that morning. She had been teary all day and needed lots of emotional support. They decided to do an LP to r/o infection. They started the procedure at noon, made 3 attempts without success, and were still trying at 1:30. By that time the patient was crying uncontrollably, her husband and I were holding her hands, and the husband was getting angry. I left to get some more lidocaine and one of the docs followed me. He said 'why is she being so spleeny? LP's don't hurt that much.' :angryfire Hello? Do you need to ask that question??? I reminded him of the news she had received that morning, and the fact that lumbar punctures DO HURT!
    Most of the docs I work with are great but this one is definitely the exception :angryfire
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    I don't understand how doctors can be so clueless.

    I was helping a classmate with her patient one day during clinical. 40 year old male who had had numerous abd. surgeries that were difficult to heal, kept getiing infected and generally every time they went it just made things worse. His doctor came in, told him that he thought the infection may have spread to his ribs and then walked right out again!

    Me, my fellow student and the patient were all stunned. The poor guy didn't know what to make of the diagnosis and the doctor was no where to ask questions of.
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    Some, not all, physicians focus on the disease and the treatment. The patient is only peripherally involved in there somewhere. This is expecially true of some surgeons. This is one of the things we do as nurses, comfort and support the patient, because the physician is many times clueless.
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    Every clinician needs a class on people.

    Ever nurse needs a class on how to smack the clinician when he or she messes up with them.

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    Quote from MD Terminator
    Every clinician needs a class on people.

    Ever nurse needs a class on how to smack the clinician when he or she messes up with them.


    Amen! Many times I have called a resident down to discuss the diagnosis with the patient. When they say "I don't know anything about this patient" that doesn't fly with me. I hate it when patients become part of the process...THEY ARE PEOPLE!
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    Quote from MD Terminator
    Every clinician needs a class on people.

    Ever nurse needs a class on how to smack the clinician when he or she messes up with them.

    'Nuff said.
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    I went to the ER a few years back with REALLY bad LRQ pain and tenderness and vaginal bleeding. I had blood drawn, was poked and prodded numerous times, had not one but two pelvics, and then a pelvic sono. While my husband and I anxiously awaited news, we overheard a nurse outside my little room telling my dx of an ectopic pregnancy to a coworker. Nice. My husband went out and told her it'd be nice if someone came in and told us what was going on and what the plan was. She wasn't even apologetic. Some people just need a good smack every once in a while.
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    I'm so sorry, how insensitive! It goes to show you that some nurses can be clueless too
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    THis is such a pet peeve of mine! :angryfire Before I worked in CVICU, I worked in a Surgical/Neuro ICU. We had residents there. One day they came in the patient's room to look at her abdominal incision. They never closed the curtain, lifted her gown, exposed her breasts, and ripped off the dressing I had just placed 30 min prior. They evaluated the incision, left the dressing off, left the woman exposed and WALKED OUT!!!!!

    I was furious!!!! I grabbed the gaggle of residents and told them "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR MOTHER TO BE TREATED THIS WAY?" They all got dumb looks on their faces and I made them go in and apologize to the patient and fix the dressing. :angryfire I was shocked! HOW RUDE!!!!!

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    Some MD's do not have and will never have a decent bedside manner. It does not excuse them for the callous way they inform patients of life altering circumstances, but they won't change. We can only advocate for the patient, pass on to physicians discipline committee blatant abuse/neglect in good teaching/patient care by the doctor. Most of all we must be ready to go toe to toe, eye to eye with these uncaring doctors when we see a need for more information, more meds, more of anything that is deemed within the standard of care for the patient.
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    the wrost thing i have seen was, the doctor had called the nurse and was asking how the patient was doing, he then asked to talk to the patient. She gave the patient the phone, and then after she had got it back was, the doctor had told the patient over the phone that he had lung ca :angryfire i cannot believe the nerve some people have. Its absolutley mindblowing