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I am a nursing student right now, and I am doing a project on Gender Issues in Nursing. I was wondering if any male and female nurses would be willing to let me know of some issues they've... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    it would be a good idea to search the archives

    but i will be glad to put my 2 cents in here one more time;

    but first let me address Cokie's first post:
    i never use gender to get out of work i do not ask other nurses to cath or help my patients to the restroom or with bed baths,unless the patient requests it. which is very rare accurance for me no mater what floor i work on. I have been called to cath male patients and occasionally to cath females that are diffucult.

    but i have experienced the reverse, just think how often a male nurse will be called to lift a heavy patient, or how often they get the combative patient,because of the strength. or take for instance when our hospital calls a doctor strong, it is for ALL and only males to respond. even though we got some females that could whip so of the guys fannies.

    in the past i have experience discrimination have had applied for jobs and told i could not work there because i was male, as you can tell from my name i am an L&D is very diffucult for a male to get a job in this area.

    where i work now i have won them over and the discrimination is almost non exsistant now.

    and by the way i HATE the term MAlE nurse. i am a nurse just like females are. we do not call doctors female doctor and male doctor so why do we call men who are nurses male nurses!

    it is a comon misconception that females will not allow or like males to care for them. from the response i have recieved from females of all ages including cards ,letters and phone calls to administration I know i am right. I am the most request nurse on my unit and the only male.

    good luck with your project hope this helps
  2. by   caroladybelle
    Originally posted by majrn
    I find it refreshing to work with men as my equal because I dont have to deal with catty, back stabbing etc.
    Like men don't backstab and aren't catty??????

    And to the poster that said politically correct - No, I am not PC - I hang out on the weekend with the girls (all of whom are over 35 yo) and check the want ads in many newspapers and see the ads for girl Fridays.