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I read an interestiing article, in the NYT, today. Apparently the first wave of gay boomers have begun to hit our LTC, Assisted Living, home health agencies. And more and more of them are being... Read More

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    . Also, Pat Robertson has done a couple of good things in his career, but no one I know takes him too seriously these days. I have never heard his name mentioned at my church.
    There is an interesting article in this weeks NY Times magazine about the declining influence of Pat Robertson and the "old guard" on the evangelical movement. The author suggests that a younger generation of prominent leaders in the evangelical movement is pushing their agenda away from abortion, homosexuality etc and towards environmentalism, health care equity, and peace. The article quotes leaders that are interested in preaching what evangelicals stand "for" rather than "against." This strikes me (an orthodox Christian) as a positive development. I think there are a large number of Americans that can find common ground on these issues. Who knows, this may portend the onset of a new civility in our national discourse.

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    I sincerely hope (and I really believe) that the crowd w/ the bull horns and signs don't represent the "average" evangelical. I had not even heard of these protests and I live 1.5 hours from Atlanta. Also, Pat Robertson has done a couple of good things in his career, but no one I know takes him too seriously these days. I have never heard his name mentioned at my church.
    To be perfectly honest, most evangelical churches will view homosexuality as a sin. There are verses in the Bible that would seem to indicate that it is not viewed favorably by God and when I read those verses I can't say honestly that they arebeing misinterpreted. That being said, there is also a verse in the Bible that says "God hates divorce", and yet here I am a divorced woman who has stolen, lied and at times treated my body more like a chemical waste dump than a temple. I have no right to pass judgement on any other child of God, no matter what I believe.
    In a totally unrelated note, I find it a little odd that a group from GA drove to Florida when Atlanta is (according to a gay friend of mine) the San Francisco of the south. I guess they didn't want to stir up anything in their own back yard.
    Atlanta is indeed the gay mecca of the South attracking gay refugees from small town southern town in droves. I myself lived there in the late 70's and early 90's escaping the opressiveness of the small southern town I was in. I'm sure Atlanta pride has it's fair share of protesters, perhaps they don't give much press. The protesters here were mentioned in the press, but didn't get a lot of attention, but were mentioned because a couple got arrested for going outside their designated areas and for throwing a drink in someone's face. I think they are from a small border town which makes driving to Florida as quick as to Atlanta. While they may not represent the "average", they do say out loud what others think but won't say, which in a way might be good in the long run. Here's a pic I snapped of them.

    We're going off topic here, so I'll stop.

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    Dearest Tweety,

    This thread has been off topic for a while now. What difference does it really make if a few more posts are a bit off topic?

    That said . . . .
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    Hi everyone,

    I haven't been around for a while. As such I thought I would drop in and catch up on what has been said so far, which has turned out to be more than I anticipated.

    My God sent me people who showed me to love those who are gay. Not harm them. Heck this was back in the early 90s. God made sure my mentors taught me that all people were to be respected and treated kindly. My mentor's spouse left her for his other spouse. She my mentor, took care of her ex-husband while he was dying in the hospital. She invited his other spouse to help her. He was floored to say the least. Here was this woman who would not deny him access to his spouse/his love, her ex-husband. I guess it always stuck with me.

    I'm grieved when ignorant people hide behind their signs for 2-3 days, criticize other peoples lives, and then go home to neglect the neighbor down the street who needed help. Alas, I have lived on all sides of that sad equation. I don't believe God likes that. I'm sorry that happened to you and your friends.

    I gotta go. I'm exhausted and this post probably sounds cryptic by now.

    Take care everyone. Thanks for your posts fronkeybean and tweety and everyone else. Thank you op for starting this thread. BTW, i still get mad and say not-so-nice things when people aren't handled well based on some predjudice. If I can't handle a patient/family due to personal internal conflict, I try to trade patients. I
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