Gag Me, The Hospital's Food's Rank ! ! ! - page 3

ever feel terrible for the quality of food served at your establishment for the patients... flying saucer pancakes that could be used as weapons by ninjas? gross gravy sludge that stinks up... Read More

  1. by   sissyboo
    Our hospital serves decent food! There's a pretty good variety! And patients are usually pretty happy with the food they get. Except theres none for night shift! But alot of times if they fix veggie or fruit boxes that dont get sold at the other meals-- they take them out to the staff refrigerators and spread them amongst everybody so atleast it doesn't go to waste!
  2. by   Mimi2RN
    I work night shift, so I don't often see the cafeteria in the daytime. Our cafeteria is open for two hours during the night. Food varies, so I keep something in our freezer. We always have chicken breasts, cooked in different ways. Also something we call "mystery meat" beef, pork, turkey...who knows? When they run out of fresh food, we get the leftovers from day shift. That usually happens by 0130, so the trick is to get down early. Salads are expensive, and in a plastic box (day shift gets a salad bar)The same thing goes for sandwiches.

    I suppose we are lucky having a cafeteria on night shift, it's the first place I've worked that does.
  3. by   meownsmile
    I have to admit that the meals at my facility have gone downhill in the last 10 years. But they still have some things that are pretty good. And yes it all depends on who's cooking that day as to whether it is palatable.
    But more over , what i want to know is how i can entice my facility to get a plasma tv for the cafeteria? Better yet,, get plasmas for the patient rooms, then i can watch it.
  4. by   chip193
    I'm a night guy and our night food is actually very good. Variety isn't all that the day and evening folks have, but we pay much less - one of the night perks.

    It's only open one hour a night (2-3). And it's the only place to eat at night, so we get all the cops in for a meal too.