Funniest Complaint on Press Ganey Scores

  1. hey guys, we got our press ganey scores and surveys from feb...
    come complaints were

    no food service in the waiting room.....

    all the nurses were overweight

    nurses were too loud and always on the computer (we have computer charting)

    no parking due to ambulances!!!!

    call me crazy but when did er become the hilton?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Whatsmattayou????? Didn't they tell you in nursing school that our job is to pamper??
  4. by   Cattitude
    those are funny.
    [color=#483d8b]at our staff meeting yesterday, our supvr. wanted to talk about our pg results. she started off by saying they were good, we all said " we don't even care and we don't want to hear abou them". she looked a little shocked for a minute but then moved on to the next item!
    [color=#483d8b]we've had it with pg...
  5. by   nursebrandie28
    i think unless the visit was so terribly awful, only certain kind of people write those nasty letters!!! in my opinion anyway.....

    some of them i just laugh because what they complain about doesn't make sense half the time.....

  6. by   CritterLover
    "i waited six hours in the waiting room and the doctor didn't even spend five minutes with me."

    dx: sinusitis.

  7. by   Bridget O'Malley
    "I know more about pancreatitis than that ER doctor. Get some doctors that actually know something."

    BTW, nursebrandie, I love your little dog and your happy sig line and party picture. Reminds me to think of warm, fuzzy puppies and good friends when the job gets me down.
  8. by   nursebrandie28
    thank you for the complement about my pupp..
    he is 8 months old and just a darling.....

    his name is charlie, he is a maltese.....

    we get phone complaints all the time because we cannot give out information..... i am like hello, hipaa!!!
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    We got one last month that said:
    Get some doctors and nurses that speak English!!!!

    We do have ALOT of foreign nurses, and some of them have VERY thick accents.
  10. by   RunnerRN
    We need to put up a sign in triage: If you leave the ER a)better b)not worse c)alive then we did our job.
    We've beat this issue to death, but it still gets me riled up! I can do my best to be Suzie Sunshine, and people just don't get it that there are in the ER! I feel like it goes along with the general decrease in level of respect/care for others in society.
    How about a new button (instead of Press Gainey buttons) GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

    God I sound bitter
  11. by   ASSEDO
    Press Ganey is a crude organization that knows nothing about the hospital mentality. The question they ask on the survey sometimes has nothing to do with the IQ of the patient so the patient makes a wild uneducated guess.

    I am in Discharge Planning and our scores all always rock bottom because the patient confuses discharge with our department. They had to wait too long after the doctor wrote the order to get on road, or the staff was rushing the out of the hospital before they go their dinner. Crap like that. That has nothing to do with Discharge Planning, but our salary increases suffer from low reports. Press Ganey needs to get a grip on communication levels for the 6th grade level.

    Press Ganey doesn't realize that people go to the ER, not as medically necessity need, but as a social gathering. Much like going to a tail-gate party. Why they bring in their Big Mac and KFC and have a picnic, talking and complaining to other unsick patients on how long the wait is before they can get to a doctor. I wouldn't doubt if they didn't have a lottery going to see how long it takes to see the doctor.
  12. by   GardenDove
    Hi, I keep hearing Press Ganey mentioned here, is it some pt survey BS?
  13. by   lauralassie
    "They didn't even give me a meal tray in triage". The pt was in for abd pain. Granted the pain was due to gas but, non the less, we didn't know that in traige.

    "The guy beside me got IV dilauda, I didn't get any" "I would have even taken the geriatric form". It really ercs me that we do this in triage any way. Seems pres gainy = narctoics for good scores.
  14. by   Ginger35
    Oh, lets see here.

    Complaints that they didn't get back to the ER as soon as they entered the department.

    Not given food in the ER (In my opinion - buy your own d@#n food before coming)

    Not given FREE medications - yet they can buy stuff out of the snack & pop machines.

    Nurses were not smiling (you wouldn't either after some of the things we have to do)

    Not giving medical advice over the phone.

    Not giving patient information over the phone

    IV - Starts

    Having to drink oral contrast (gastrograffin) before going to CT (get over it, better than the thick white bear-o-cat (sp) - which would you prefer?)