Full timers-how many sick days do you use per year? - page 3

On average? I have never been full time -only casual and PT and I don't think I have ever been ill. BUT I am curious with working full time, if people are ill more? I would imagine so.... Read More

  1. by   evilolive
    I took two days over the summer for headaches related to what I think was really bad sinus pressure (and blurry vision in one eye, eep!). I also took two days in winter for feeling an illness coming on, then getting it on a Friday night.

    I did get the norovirus (UGH!), but of course that happened on my weekend and it stopped the night I was going back into work. Worst sickness I've ever had.

    My sick/vacation time is PTO time though, so it's all pooled together.
  2. by   southernbeegirl
    2 days here also