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Do you find that most of your friends are in the medical field, or do you have friends from lots of different areas? Do you have lots of cyber nursing friends too? Just curious :p... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Quote from CNM2B
    Most of my friends are, on a nurses yahoo group and other groups. Having three little ones and living in a fairly new city (though I lived here years ago), it's hard to make new friends. I rely an awful lot on the internet for socialization and certainly hope that changes once I start school (of course, then I won't have time for friends!)

    I meet all sorts of nice people

    at the Golf course

    at the health club
  2. by   orrnlori
    My life outside work is soooooo removed from work. I don't have any "friends" in healthcare at all. I have friends at work, kind of, they are people I like just fine. I just don't socialize with them. But I would help any of them if they needed it. We really seem to be so different from one another. I am getting ready to take a college correspondence course with one nurse I work with. We're doing it for moral support and will be doing the lessons at my house. Other than that, that's it.
  3. by   Alnamvet
    I have acquaintances in the healthcare field...most of my friends are in Arlington, now; my children, and sometimes my wife, are my true friends, otherwise, I stay away from developing close relationships with co-workers.
  4. by   NursesRmofun
    I have some friends in nursing, but not all my friends are in nursing. Some are teachers, some are SAHMs, etc. I have many acquaintances, several friends, but very few good friends....and many of my good friends are online, and I have met many in person even though we met online.
  5. by   Lowson
    None of my friends are nurses. I Had lots in my student days as I lived in a nurses home and it was cool cos they understood all the new and often frightening experiences I was going through. Now most of my friends are Mums and as I live in a small village I see them at school events etc. NURSE i meet at work are often so stressed they have not got time for social niceities
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